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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, some time ago on my xpenology 6.1.5 i got RAID1 crashed due to power failure. then I sure did the most stupidiest thing - didn't made a backup of hdd before trying to recover raid... and after week of trying different things i have following: 1) /VOLUME2 - single 2tb HDD used for non-vital stuff - working okay. i even backed up almost all important data from RAID1 - it was in 'readonly' state for a while :) 2) /VOLUME1 - crashed two RAID1 hdds. disk A and disk B. - disk A is almost okay, but says system volume crashed, - disk B - after trying to reassemble raid to make it think it contains one drive only - i ended up with 'recreating' raid and clearing superblock. (I wanted to reassemble with mdadm -assemble -disks=1, but instead made --create, so it cleared superblock :( ) now synology doesnt see volume1 at all. and shows raid is crashed. Now the need - i have 3 iSCSI LUNs - one non growing - and i just took the image file from @iSCSI folder and successfully copied all the data from inside - two more - looks like they are in strange ADVANCED format and growing-style. I cannot understand how to mount them or copy (ls shows unreal file sizes like 100 GB). I tried to check with 'btrfs --show' but it doesnt recognize any filesystem inside. I have really important data there, how can i copy or mount those stange LUNs? p.s. i had no spare drive to add to rebuild raid classically by adding new disk - and also was worried about stressing existing drives - both are 45.000 hrs+ online.
  2. Hallo Liebe Community Über Tante Google und eure Suche habe ich nichts gefunden, deswegen hier eine eigene Anfrage: Habe eine Box für mein HomeLab installiert welche so aufgebaut ist: 10x 4 TB HDD 2x 120 GB SSD 1x 256 GB PCIe SSD (M2) 2x 190GB SSD Nun habe ich via 10GB das ganze an meinem ESXi angeschlossen und die publizierten iSCSi Volumen gemountet. Aus einer VM aus habe ich folgendes gemessen: (Ziel war immer ein iSCSi Volumen auf der PCIe-SSD) Schreiben auf das iSCSI - Volumen -> 450MB/s Lesen vom gleichen Volumen -> 60-80 MB/s Das Interessante ist aber, dass ein File (.zip) welches ich vom Volumen kopiere fängt auch bei ca. 60 MB/s an und schnellt dann ab der Mitte hoch auf 850-1000MB/s Zum testen habe ich immer die gleichen Files genommen 3 verschieden ISO und ein .zip - File Habe auch die MTU-Werte angepasst - ohne Erfolg. Multi Pathing ist auch aktiv. SMB via Gigabit Anbindung läuft konstant mit Fullspeed (113MB/s) Ich hoffe jemand hat eine Idee an was das liegen könnte... Danke für eure konstruktiven Inputs noVa
  3. Hello everyone. This is my first post, and i am not sure if i should be doing two topics or not... but here it goes. I am new to Xpenology, it's awsome how some of you clever boys and girls managed to get this firmware running on normal hardware, Synology sure is a powerful beast and i never touched in one due to it being too expensive, but i can see how powerful they are now... This being said, i am trying to find a solution where i can boot from my recently created iscsi drive, that contains a boot file, what i am trying to do is to create something like a diskless system where i can boot to an operating system if i need to. also, i own an DL380E Gen8, this beast crashes as soon as i passthrough the p420 raid controller , so i am thinking about using another machine to run Xpenology , i am wondering if i should buy a new Raid controller, one that is more "compatible" with xpenology. what's your toughts? Many thanks
  4. Morning all Just getting round to trying to sort out some backups for my LUNs.. I chose Block Level LUNs (for VSphere), which means that my LUNs are not considered 'Advanced LUNs' by Synology.. Great.. Anyway, just wondered what the best way to back these up would be. I'm currently running Hyper Backup to back up one of the LUNs and it looks like would change the volume to 'file level' if it was restored. Again, great (not). I'm wondering if there's a way to do the following.. - any way to easily snapshot or backup the LUNs so that it doesn't change the disks when I restore them.. - view the data on the block level LUNs from the synology box. - backup the LUN to the same synology box (shared folder) or backup/restore the lun to another LUN (changing the LUN type to Advanced). Many thanks H
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