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Found 3 results

  1. Searched the forum a bunch but can't seem to find what I need.. Currently have a windows server running flexraid 🤐with 5, 2 TB drives (several Seagates bought over various periods) holding my movie collection). Want to rebuild this server into an XPEnology box. System is a Node 804 case with Mobo MSI H97M, an Intel Core i3 4160, 8GB RAM plus an IBM M1015 Raid adapter flashed to LSI IT firmware. Also have an HP NC360T dual nic laying around (no sure whether to install that or not). My migration strategy currently is: buy an 8TB drive, copy all the data off the 2 TB drives and rebuild the 5 drives into an SHR set. copy the data back and add the 8TB drive as a loose backup volume for some backups from my lan (photos, system backups etc) . I don't think adding the 8TB to the SHR set would make much sense since I would loose 6TB. Would rather have an SHR2 but I need the total of 8 TB space to hold the data. Question 1): should I split the drives between the onboard sata ports and the LSI card or should I place all the drives on the LSI card? (assuming that the onboard sata ports are detected and work with xpenology) Might be trivial to experienced builders but I consider myself an XPEnology novice Question 2): I know synology has a very elaborate disk compatibility list. Is that list driven by the synology hardware or the DSM software? (In other words: do people using xpenology adhere strict to the list and should I keep in mind which type of xs version I use? ) (planning on using the 'good old 3615xs) Remark: any comment or tips on a better migration strategy are welcome. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi all! SHR-2 Crashed 3 failed HDD, please help, only 2 disks report crashed in red color but I have still 2 disks initiated but I can't use "Manage" button to repair. I have SHR-2 with 2 failing disk but I see that I got 3 disks with problems..... How can I get back my data. in Putty the MD2 seems quiet ok I just need 80-90% of the data back because is so much. I need someone that knows this in detail and ask also for more data if needed from me. It seems that I need assistance due to mange button can't be used (it greyed) even I have 2 disks available for mending the volume. Anyway I need help to fix the volume. It seems that \md2 is the raid that has the info back as I need. Check the picture. I need one more disk up and running to get the volume intact again. That is the help I need. root@NASSE:/usr# cat /proc/mdstat Personalities : [linear] [raid0] [raid1] [raid10] [raid6] [raid5] [raid4] [raidF1] md2 : active raid6 sdk5[0] sdg5[21] sdj5[16] sdi5[15] sdb5[20] sdf5[18] sdd5[11] sdc5[10] sdh5[22] sda5[8] sdr5[7] sdq5[23] sdp5[4] sde5[24] sdm5[2] 31178806272 blocks super 1.2 level 6, 64k chunk, algorithm 2 [18/15] [U_UUUU_UUUUU_UUUUU] Please reply fast but with accurate information.
  3. Im running ESXi 6.5 on a HP Proliant MicroServer G8. I managed successfully to run the latest XPEnology on a new VM and I attached a couple of virtual disk on it for testing before I transfer my data. Everything looks fine until I tried to mount my USB Disk which will store my MacBook's Time Machine Backups. The same disk can be mounted on my Win Server VM but, not on the XPEnology one. I even tried to hard mount it via SSH without any luck. I installed vmware tools but nothing again. I tried both USB2 and USB3 ports. What else would you advised me to try in order to mount that disk?