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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. Broken write and read cache in the storage. There are disks but writes that there is no cache and the disk is not available. Tried it in ubuntu: root@ubuntu:/home/root# mdadm -D /dev/md2 /dev/md2: Version : 1.2 Creation Time : Tue Dec 8 23:15:41 2020 Raid Level : raid5 Array Size : 7794770176 (7433.67 GiB 7981.84 GB) Used Dev Size : 1948692544 (1858.42 GiB 1995.46 GB) Raid Devices : 5 Total Devices : 5 Persistence : Superblock is persistent Update Time : Tue Jun 22 22:16:38 2021 State : c
  2. I would appreciate a little gentle guidance please (sorry this is a little rambling I just want to get it right). I set up my HP Gen8 Microserver over 5 years ago and did an interval upgrade as I am currently on DSM 6.0.2-8451 I have DS3615xs Looking at my "server" folder I see I have JunMod loader v1.01 I've slept a bit since this and will be relearning the process. The pic shows what I have already Now the issue is I had 2 x 3TB HDD as JBOD and Volume 1 (with all the software installs) has crashed - it is read only and I can boot into the server as read only
  3. Hi I've been running DSM 5.2 happily on my HP Gen8 for a few years It contains 2 WD Red drives as JBOB (no raid) Well yesterday Volume 1 crashed - I've managed to recover my data (pix etc) So that disc needs to come out but I'm wondering if I swap out the other one (3tb) and replace with 2 x 4tb ones running as RAID 1 for integrity I figured it would be a excuse to finally upgrade to dsm6.2 while I'm at it (pretty much start again as a new install) BUT here is my main stress - all the multimedia apps that are installed are installed on the crashed
  4. Hello. I'm trying to restore my btfrs volume2 but it seems to be not so easy, especialy for a newbee like me I followed some old post from this forum who gived some path to a solution but after many try and finaly doing a btfrs Dry run restore to check if i'm able to restore, but i'm still falling on some errors. Do I have obligation to pull out my 4 disk from my nas and connect it to a spare computer under a live CD ubuntu to get this restore/copy ? Before I purshase a new drive of 6TB to be able to receive the 5,5To data to restore, I want to be sure i can
  5. I been trying to troubleshoot my volume crash myself but I am at the end of my wits here. I am hoping someone can shine some light on to what my issue is and how to fix it. A couple weeks I started to receive email alerts stating, “Checksum mismatch on NAS. Please check Log Center for more details.” I hopped on my NAS WebUI and I did not really seem much in the logs. After checking my systems were still functioning properly and I could access my file, I figured something was wrong but was not a major issue… wrong I was. That brings us up until today, where I notice my NAS w
  6. Hi I am using synology hybrid RAID with 5 drives. 4 are working fine, but 1 is failing. My volume is crashed. I know that SHR has 1 disk tolerance so it should recover if only 1 drive failed but i cannot recover it. Please help me.
  7. So I wanted to post this here as I have spent 3 days trying to fix my volume. I am running xpenology on a JBOD nas with 11 drives. DS3615xs DSM 5.2-5644 So back a few months ago I had a drive go bad and the volume went into degraded mode, I failed to replace the bad drive at the time because the volume still worked. A few days ago I had a power outage and the nas came back up as crashed. I searched many google pages on what to do to fix it and nothing worked. The bad drive was not recoverable at all. I am no linux guru but I had similar issues before on this nas with othe