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  1. HI I have been away for a long while meaning I haven't touched my ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 1610T 4GB NHP after I updated it to DSM 6.0.2-8451 a while ago (DS36115xs) I am thinking of updating it as I am sure there are interim security benefits So in a nutshell if I want to do a simple no changing hardware etc etc update ideally as 1 shot which can I just uprade directly to? What would be the main benefits please? Apologies I know this is really basic and I will try to refresh myself on how to do things but it has been so long I have forgotten much! I would be looking to do the upgrade on my live machine as I don't have a backup
  2. Hi Trying to set up backing up pc to the NAS installed Cloud Sync on the NAS (DSM 5.2-5592/4) Cloud sync version 3.2-3501 but I don't see the "sharing" button which is shown in online guides for creating a sharing link Ive noticed it isn't there on the thumbnail in Package Centre either. So how do I go about setting up a share please?
  3. HI Thanks for this helpful reply I have tried it on IE, FF, Edge all with the same result Java isn't blocked on IT or Edge AFAIK but I will check
  4. But that still doesn't explain why it keeps asking for it even though Java is up to date?
  5. wigwam

    Working DSM 6

    I have the same HP Gen8 and am still on 5.2 5592 update 4 Seems 6 is not yet possible for us to use then?
  6. This is driving me mildly crazy. I'm on DSM 5.2-5592 Update 4 Doesn't matter which machine I access Xpenolgy from I keep getting the message to install the latest Java and that my Java security settings have blocked an application every time I click on file station. BUT Java is up to date on every laptop or PC I am using to access the server. Any clues please why it is saying this and how to resolve? Thanks
  7. I have noticed that I now only get system update notifications and when there was a bad shutdown (I Had to button-press jobby it recently) I used to get notifications when shows had d/l etc In Couchpotato and Sickrage themselves when I click "test" it alwasy says test successful still but nothing is coming through Anyone suggest a way to fix please?
  8. I did the following: Logged in via IP using the same kb and my normal user and pw On the laptop logged in via putty using root and same pw Checking typing very very carefully repeatedly failed it logging into thr console
  9. so since my last post was a bit gobbleygook. Now: 1) I can SSH with putty using "root" as user and the password 2) I Can WInSCP i using "root" as user and password At the actual machine terminal at the Synology login: prompt I have tried user names "admin", "root", "wigwam" all with the same password that works to access via IP address and to putty in using root user but all give me "Login incorrect"
  10. okay I have a really odd issue. I tried to log into the actual server at the "synology login: " I tried "admin", "root" and "wigwam" all with the correct password and I get Login incorrect I have tried the putty again with wigwam and admin and fails but I tried putty with "root" and the same password as above and I am in! ps | grep SSH shows: 18875 root 17604 s /usr/bin/ssh 22993 root 55056 s sshd: root@pts/1 23127 root 3772 s grep ssh What does all that mean please At the "synology login:" what do I type to access my machine directly??
  11. Thanks both. In anticipation of this where do I click in the nas to run these commands from? Thank you both again for continued input I will connect it direct to a monitor etc
  12. So I'm assuming 5644 is now safe to use? I recall reading it was a no-no a while ago. Is there any benefit to upgrading?
  13. I'm away from it for the next couple days but yes I'll be able to connect to my PC monitor and Kb/mouse Where do I run that command line though? Will accessing it directly not take me to the same log in page for the os as I see over the intranet? Apologies for being dim but other than the initial install I've never logged into directly so I've forgotten what I see etc
  14. Yes. And no ping from the ip address when I shut it down which is why I concluded it wasn't an ip conflict. I can download stuff to it from the os (tried a random show via couchpotato)
  15. It did so I disenabled it, checked the block list was blank and then tried SSH but with the same result I have now re-enabled it but with the reset option