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Found 9 results

  1. I would appreciate a little gentle guidance please (sorry this is a little rambling I just want to get it right). I set up my HP Gen8 Microserver over 5 years ago and did an interval upgrade as I am currently on DSM 6.0.2-8451 I have DS3615xs Looking at my "server" folder I see I have JunMod loader v1.01 I've slept a bit since this and will be relearning the process. The pic shows what I have already Now the issue is I had 2 x 3TB HDD as JBOD and Volume 1 (with all the software installs) has crashed - it is read only and I can boot into the server as read only
  2. Hello everyone, so today I have received all the pieces and assembled my NAS using a asrock J4105, crucial memory and two Seagate ironwolf. I have attached the nas to the TV expecting to see the bios and, at startup, be able to edit the startup process to make it boot from usb. no way, I can’t see the bios and also after detaching both hard disk and the corresponding data cables from the board there is no way to force start from the pendrive. btw lights on the case turns on and the case fan spins, so I wonder what the problem could be. Since there ar
  3. Hello everyone, I have ordered the parts to assembly my nas as per below: asrock j4105 crucial ddr4 2400 sodimm 4GB memory pico psu 160xt leicke 12V 150W power brick 2x 4TB ironwolf sharkoon QB One case now I was wondering will the pico and power brick be provinding enough power eventually if I add an extra 4GB of RAM and a SSD? or should I instead opt for a be quiet system power 9 400W psu? thanks in advance to who can help regards S
  4. Hey all, very new to DIY NAS and XPEnology, hope my plan makes sense. Am looking to migrate family files out of wife's desktop into standalone NAS. Add in backups of PCs, phones etc. Plus Plex server (not a lot of transcoding but nice to have the option) Currently only 1TB of files so not massive. The storage was on twin 8TB HDDs with a LSI RAID card (which started getting flaky) Planned hardware is: i5-6500 CPU MSI H170 motherboard (6 SATA ports, 4xDDR4 ram slots 2x8GB RAM @3200MHz (not that it will run that fast) 2x8TB HDDs Circ
  5. Bonjour à tous, après deux semaines à chercher à comprendre (j'avoue ne pas être sûr d'avoir bien tout saisi) je me décide à lancer une bouteille à la mer ici. J'ai réussi à installer DS3615xs Baremetal 6.1 avec le loader V1.02b + extras et j'ai ensuite réussi aussi à mettre à jour jusqu'à 6.1.7-15284 et ça fonctionne normalement. Depuis impossible de réussir une instalation en 6.2 ou plus. Au mieux avec le loader 1.03b et les extras + rd.gz + zImage 24922 j'ai eu le statut "upgradable" mais derrière échec au moment de partitionner le disque. J'ai même essayer avec
  6. Hello, new user of Synology (I have a DS418J), I hooked directly to the OS. I bought the NAS for the 4 bay I wanted to share on my HP DL380 G7. While searching a little, I came across Xpenology and wondered if it would not be easier for me to install it instead of my Debian. So, I turn to you. Would it be possible to install it on my HP without much worries and if so which version? thank you in advance Sorry for the English to French translation via google
  7. Hi everybody... I'm used to DSM and synology NAS, as I use one at home (but for my work). I want to give a try to XPEnology... I got a ACER with a i5-4440, 4 gb ram, 1To ... I just want to try it before eventually use it on a stronger hardware. I got some experiences with linux and bootloader (built some hackintoshes these last few years)... I've followed the tutorial, dl-ed the bootloader for DSM6.2, burned the image on the USB drive and ok, my acer is booting on the USB Key, I'm here: So, I go to (after I shutdown
  8. Bonjour à tous Voilà je suis nouveau et j'espère bien poster au bon endroit Suite à la mort de l'un de mes HDD avec 7 années de données dessus Je me dis qu'un NAS de stockage et sauvegarde pourrais être intéressant donc j'ai décidé de regarder mais de me faire quelque chose d'évolutif et récupérant du matos informatique que je dispose déjà donc je ne voulais pas investir dans un Synologie Boitier CoolerMaster HAF 915 Alim 400w Carte mère gigabyte H97N Processeur Intel G3240 dual core 3,1 Ghz 8giga de ram et
  9. All, noob just signed up, experienced with Synology (running DS1817+ and DS1815+ at home). Looking to see if XPEnology can work for setting up some remote machines that I am planning to do, I am based in UAE (although I am Swedish!) and I want to host some stuff out of country, in Turkey, UK and possibly Sweden and Poland, so I need some cheaper boxes to enable that.