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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I've followed as many tutorials I can find, but I cannot get this working Tried unraid, and while everything worked right away, I would greatly prefer XPEnology/Synology. I'm using the following: Ryzen 3400g Asrock X570M pro4 (according to specs page: Giga PHY Intel® I211AT) Asus XG-C100C 10gb NIC LSI 9211-8I chipset with 8x10tb I have Tried Jun's loader 1.04b for DS918+ and loader 1.03b for DS3617xs and DS3615xs. The official Synology files end with _23739. Added the VID, PID for my usb drive. Using rear USB ports as well as an internal header for clean look. SN from a certain place (for each of the 3 models above) MAC for the onboard NIC as well as the 10gb (would prefer this one). It loads the initial choose install method and prompts me to go to find.synology.com, but the server is never found. It does not show up as getting an IP in router either. Both NIC's confirmed working in Windows and unraid on the same hardware. Upon searching for several hours I feel like I am going in a loop. There is apparently an "extra.lzma" file I can add to the 2nd partition of USB pre-install for it to recognize either of my NIC's? I have tried several found with no luck on either Intel or Asus NIC. There are multiple versions found in the following threads: https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/21663-driver-extension-jun-103b104b-for-dsm622-for-3615xs-3617xs-918/ https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/28321-driver-extension-jun-103b104b-for-dsm623-for-918-3615xs-3617xs/ https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/13797-tutorial-installing-918-62x-dsm-on-104b-loader-transcoding/ Additional bonus would be having the iGPU transcoding working, otherwise I will have to swap to a 2.5gb NIC and put an NVidia GPU in, which I think I can figure out how to get working. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm lost at this point. Searching for my specific board on here and general google show people using it, but zero info on how they got it working. Edit: even a go to (specific place), get (file/version), replace (thing), you're good to go is fine. I'm getting quite familiar with modifying these files. Just seems like there are too many different places for partial answers. Thank you!
  2. I would appreciate a little gentle guidance please (sorry this is a little rambling I just want to get it right). I set up my HP Gen8 Microserver over 5 years ago and did an interval upgrade as I am currently on DSM 6.0.2-8451 I have DS3615xs Looking at my "server" folder I see I have JunMod loader v1.01 I've slept a bit since this and will be relearning the process. The pic shows what I have already Now the issue is I had 2 x 3TB HDD as JBOD and Volume 1 (with all the software installs) has crashed - it is read only and I can boot into the server as read only so have saved the config file but of of the software works (git/python/plex/videostation etc etc). I have managed to backup my family media SO - I am planning instead to bin off the crashed drive and instead install 2 new discs in a RAID 1 (mirror) config I will use the working volume 2 elsewhere unless someone advises I can use it as some form of backup as a 3rd disc in xpenology? The 2 new discs are 6tg each and this old one is 3tb I am assuming all this means I will basically be doing a "new" install not an "upgrade" Meaning I need a new usb with loaded 1.03b is that right? Will it even be possible or worth restoring any of the settings I currently have backed up from 6.0.2 if there will be new HDD in a RAID config? I am already resigned to having to relearn all the settings for SAB etc as nothing runs and I don't have any backup for those settings "I will get around to it"
  3. This thread is for anyone looking for a working solution for this particular motherboard, an Intel DQ45EK. So I have this old Intell DQ45EK motherboard with 4GB of memory and mini-itx case that have sat unused for some time. This weekend I decided to install XPEnology on it along with 3x3TB drives (It's all I can fit in the case). I was hoping to install 6.2.2. However, when I booted up using Jun's 1.0.3b boot loader, it could not recognize any of the drives. I proceeded to create a Jun 1.0.2b boot disk. That one was able to see the drives. I went ahead and installed DSM_DS3615xs_15284.pat. Everything works great with this configuration. I am still hoping to get 1.0.3b/6.2.2 to run with this board. I tried booting 1.0.3b after configuring with 1.0.2b/6.1.7-15284. DSM did not come up (most likely because the drives are still not recognized). Anyway, if you are able to get DSM 6.2.2 installed, reply to this thread.
  4. Looking to do a fresh install on a Barracuda Backup 390 machine. What I've done: I downloaded the win32diskmanager QUESTIONS: -not sure which .pat file i need -which synoboot file I need. -Do I need anything else? MB: MSI H61M-P25 (B3) // CPU: Can't tell // HDD: 2 x 2TB // RAM: 8gb
  5. Hello Forum Board, I am having Issues finding the right files for my HP Pro Liant N54L. The Board is really hard to find out where I could find the Files and Something. I got a HP Pro Liant N54L and now i am searching for the files to Install the new 6.X on it. Can someone please help me out?
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