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  1. Hi guys, I decided to make a call for help as right now I'm stuck on recovering data from my BTRFS drive. I am using a hardware RAID 1 on the back-end [2x 4TB WD Red Drives], and on the front-end, on XPEnology I configured a Basic RAID Group with only "one drive" passed from ESXi. Until this January I've been using EXT file system, but I read that BTRFS is better both in speed and stability terms, so I decided to give it a go :) I run my system on UPS which can keep the system powered for more than 4 hours, in case of a blackout, so I though that my data was safe.
  2. Hello all, Seems that I also have the same issue like yours. My XPEnology setup is a HP Microserver Gen 8 with Intel® Xeon® E3-1220L CPU and 2x 8GB RAM. XPEnology freezes when I try to write to my external HDD [WD Elements 2TB] connected via USB 2.0 The HDD works fine when it is being connected to my notebook. I also tried with different drives from other vendors, but the issue persists. Tried changing the USB port to 3.0 or the front panel plugs, but still no change. Browsing, copying, moving, deleting works fine from the DSM web interface, but it freezes when I do anything except bro