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Found 5 results

  1. Hi folks, noob to XPEnology here but *mostly* going ok so far. I'm finding write speed is slower than expected. Read is constant 110MB/s or so, for large files and folders of smaller files. However write speed is around 85MB/s at best. Wondering if there is something different I should be doing with hardware or settings to get full Gigabit saturation? Not a terrible speed by any means but others reporting 110MB write speed gives me FOMO! Hardware is H170M pro-VDH motherboard i6500 CPU DS918+ 6.2.3-25426 16GB DDR4 RAM 2 x Toshiba MG05ACA800E 8TB drives in SHR Storage Pool I've noted the NIC is Realtek, but figure the read speed is a good sign for the NIC, cables and network. I haven't personally updated the BIOS so will try that soon. Any other thoughts on ideas to try??
  2. Bonjour, [EDIT] @nicoueron08/05/2020 : adaptation du tuto pour DSM 6.2.3 sans aucun matos nécessaire en plus. Voici le tuto permettant d'installer proprement DSM 6.2.3 sur un HP gen7 N54L. Coté Loader et DSM: il y a la liste de tous les Loaders ici. Il recommandé d'utiliser le Synoboot_3615. Le Fichier .pat du DSM 6.2.3 (pour le DS3615XS) c'est ici ou si vous souhaitez la liste des DSM disponible sur le serveur de synology : c'est par ici On passe aux Choses sérieuses: Votre serveur XPENology est opérationnel ! Les actions suivantes sont facultatives.
  3. I've an HP G7 N54L running 1.02b bootloader and DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 2 (DS3615xs) using the onboard NIC. I've since purchased an Intel 82575-T2 PCIe 1Gb dual port adapter which I'd like to add (and disable the onboard NIC). I am planning to 1. Insert new NIC card and using the BIOS (a) disable the onboard NIC and (b) confirm the MAC(s) of the new NIC ports 2. Must I now edit grub.cfg to reflect I've now got two ports with updated MACs *before* I reboot [should I use force mode] ? Have I missed anything else ? Thanks in advance Paul PS. I did try first posing this question by posting to an existing thread but didn't get any input. Thanks for reading !
  4. Hi everyone, it's my first post, very excited about joining the community. First of all, congratulations for the huge work done. But I have a question: about 2 weeks ago i configured a brand new NAS with the jun's loader. Today I bought a 2port nic card with Intel 82575 chipset to create a LAG on my 4-lan-port sophos firewall. When I receive the card what will be the best way to find the new MAC addresses and edit the grub.cfg file? Boot Ubuntu from an usb stick and modify grub.cfg from there? Do boot from ubuntu (in case with no usb loader key and no disk) but modify grub.cfg from the grub command line? If I proceed with command-line modification by specifying mac2 and mac3, other configurations remain untouched, right? How do I set the netif_num value considering that the two additional ports will be in LAG? Remain =1? Thank you so much for all and apologize for my bad English, a mix of personal knowledge and google translate (i'm italian)
  5. Hello, Does anyone know how to harvest the real MAC address of a device whilst booted into Xpenology? Basically I'm using an Intel NIC but now plan to use my integrated Realtek one for something. Originally I only changed the MAC address in grub.cfg for the Intel NIC (there is no second entry for the integrated one), running ifconfig from the server shows the second adapter but with the exact same MAC address as my Intel NIC. Is there an easy way to see what the unspoofed address is?