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Found 7 results

  1. I currently have two Xpenology boxes on separate vlans. One is on vlan 10 and the other is on vlan 20. I can access both from my pc on either Vlan. I want to back up from one NAS to the other. When I click on the server in Hyperbackup, it does not display the NAS on the other Vlan. I use pfSense as my router and Unifi as my switch. How do I expose the NAS' to each other to create backups? Thanks in advance for your help! ~Anthony
  2. Bonjour, tout d'abord je viens ici car le nouveau forum de Synology est à pleurer tellement il est mal fichu. et surtout j'ai commencé avec XPenology avant d'acheter mes NAS il y a quelques années (DS1815+ et DS215j) J'ai donc un DS1815+ (4 ports 1Gb/s) mais mes questions sont valables pour toute configuration avec plusieurs ports Gigabit. J'ai déjà essayé d'activer le SMB multi channel comme dans ce thread Cela fonctionne quand le NAS est connecté à un switch 8 ports basic, avec 4 ports sur un PC en Windows 8.1 Je peux lire un fichier unique à environ 350 MB/s (je ne me souviens pas des performances exactes) Si je connecte les 4 ports à un switch qui a un 'uplink' 5Gb/s ou 10Gb/s Pourrais-je avoir les mêmes performances sur seulement un fichier/connexion sur un PC avec une carte 5GB/s ou 10Gb/s ? Celà fonctionnera-t-il en 'Link Aggregation' ? (quel mode utiliser ? avec un smart switch ou un basic?) Est-ce qu'il sera nécessaire que j'active le SMB multi channel pour que cela fonctionne ? (c'est une fonction en beta, donc pas idéal) Si cela ne peut pas fonctionner, j'ai un autre projet : Utiliser un adaptateur USB3.1 vers 5-Gigabit Ethernet (avec un circuit AQC111U, quand ce sera disponible) le connecter sur un port USB3 du DS1815+ (si je peux installer le driver linux) (Je ne sais pas si ce sera possible d'ailleurs, d'installer le driver avec la version linux du DSM 6.2) Des pistes ? (à part fabriquer un NAS avec un lien 10Gb/s)
  3. Hey guys, I hope anybody can help me, because I've already tried nearly everything. I'm running XPEnology 6.1 Update 4 with Juns Loader 1.02b on a ESXi 6.0 VM. The ESXi Host is a HP Microserver Gen8 and i'm already using the hpvsa-5.5.0-88OEM driver. I've created 3 basic volumes, all on a seperate disk. If i move a file from one disk to another on the DSM interface, the transmission is really quick (more then 100mb/s). If I write a file on one of the shares from a Windows-VM on the same ESXi-Host, it is also quick (about 70mb/s). But if read a file on the SMB share, it starts at 6-7mb/s and gets a bit faster, but not more than 20mb/s. I have created a new XPE-VM, changed the network-card of the VM, gave the VMs more RAM, but nothing helped. Does anyone have an idea, why it is working perfect in one direction but so bad in the other?! I've found some threads, where the people wrote, that it works nicely on a baremetal installation. But i really need the Windows-vm on that machine and I also like ESXi very much.
  4. Hello, I was open vswitch on ds918+ . I cant access to nas. What can i do ? ds918 loader 6.2 Please give me advice ...
  5. Hi All, I'm new to Xpenology and DSM-6.1. I have a Network card issue i have a TP-Link Model No: TG-3468 PCI-Express, and DSM-6.1 dose not see the card, i have added the MAC address to the 1.02b-Loader- synoboot.img as per the instruction. Hardware Spec: AMD Phenom II 8Gig ram i was just hoping for some help in getting the card working as i would like a Bonded network. I'm using DS3615xs. Regards
  6. I have strange problem with Xpenology. I try alot of combination last few days. 1st when build Xpeno 6.1.3 or 6.0.2 both turn on and i can setup DSM after i add 1st 3TB hdd (in raw mode),.. images is located in RDM folder Xpenology still boot OK and i can create volumes, shutdown, restart anything,... 2nd when build Xpeno 6.1.3 or 6.0.2 both turn on and i can setup DSM after i add 2nd 3TB hdd (in raw mode),.. images is located in RDM folder Xpenology wont boot to working state. Xpenology start, but network is not up and i can't find it on network at all. So to make it simple, if i add more than i 3TB hdd to Xpenology it won't start to working stat anymore situation: HDD1 = botloader HDD2 = system disk HDD3 = 1st 3TB data disk HDD4 = 2nd 3TB data disk Does anybody have a clue what could resolve this? Alex_G
  7. Hey Guys, I have some serious problems. We had a really bad weather here so the thunderbolt has choosen my house and killed my modem. today i got an change everything comes online to normal. But not my HP N40L with Xpenology 6 on it. There is no downlink, i was wondering if this is a hardware error or an Software fail? I tried changing network cable but same problem.... does anybody have an idea how to rescue my Datastorage ?