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  1. Hello! TL;DR: We've developed a new loader for v6.2.4/v7+ which contains a way to install custom extensions/drivers/mods. We're looking for feedback of the extension manager & kindly asking for drivers to be made compatible with it. First of all, let us thank you guys for all the driver packages you were always preparing - we used them ourselves. As some of you may be aware we are developing a new loader called RedPill. There's a long thread in the developer's section of the forum: Today we've added a long-awaited functionality of custom drivers. We've chosen to go with a more modular approach rather than offering a clone of Jun's loader functionality of extra.lzma archive. Our solution relies on a simple extension manager which is responsible for downloading and packing drivers automatically. This lets users install only the drivers they need while also mixing-and-matching multiple ones. With "extra.lzma" the limitation was that users either had to build their own packages or choose between having the HBA driver or VirtIO driver... that, in our opinion, was a poor experience. Additionally, the new format allows you to keep a single git repository containing both the metadata for RedPill extension manager and the build environment you use to compile drivers. We would like to collect your opinion on the new extension manager we created and ask you to port your drivers to the new format. We prepared two documents: https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-load/blob/master/docs/extensions-overview.md (summary of what the extension manager is capable of and how to use it manually) https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-load/blob/master/docs/extensions-for-devs.md (document intended for people creating extensions/compiling drivers detailing the architecture) In addition, we published two packages, which can serve as an example: https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-virtio (VirtIO driver) https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-boot-wait (shell-only package; this will be similar to how e.g. a CPU governor mod can be implemented) There's currently no central way to discover packages but is it planned. For now we're simply collecting links to indexes in a separate git repo - https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-extensions - you can just toss a link there from the GitHub web UI without cloning the repo. What do you all think? special cc @IG-88 p.s. We didn't post this in the driver's extensions subforum as this topic isn't intended for users. When some drivers are built and the official beta version of RedPill is published we will create a separate thread there.
  2. Hello guys, i am new to community! I always was windows user and i never had linux experience. This is the reason i open this topic because i cant fully understand the existing topics. I'm really sorry! In the past months i installed DSM 5.2 on my PC with jun's bootloader and i was ok. But now i want to go to DSM 7 because everything is outdated. I tried to install redpill's for DS918+. I edited the grub file but synology assistant never finds my machine. I think the problem is the lan driver. My motherboard is G41M-VS3. I found drivers of Contributors pocopico and jimmyGALLAND here https://github.com/pocopico/rp-ext but i cant understand how to add them. I would like to have a very starter guide because it's easy for me to get lost. Thanks in advance and really sorry for this! Edit: Now i understood that i opened this topic in wrong section and i feel worse. Really sorry!
  3. Hi. I've been trying to setup using loader 1.4 and DS918+ v6.2.3-25426 U3 however my onboard network isn't being seen. I installed a generic intel i210 card (igb driver) and it's being seen, but I'd really like to make use of the onboard as much as possible. The motherboard is based off an Atom c3758. The onboard NICs worked fine with TrueNAS. I edited my grub.cfg and included the MAC addesses of all 4 onboard NICs without success. (just the addon card is seen) I THINK the ixgbe driver covers x553 and when i perform a dmesg | grep Intel it does list ixgbe. Unfortunately I don't believe that driver is being loaded. So I guess my questions are these: how can I verify I have the correct drivers and they're being loaded? if I don't have them, where do I find them? (either individual driver or extra package?) how do I load them once I've got them? I really have tried searching but I've come up largely empty, thus my post. Any assistance is really appreciated!! Thanks
  4. господа, а можно для синолоджи установить как-то сторонний драйвер? есть вай-фай ЮСБ-свисток 5ггц на rtl88x2BU, есть на гитхабе дрова под него. можно ли как-то запилить на синолоджи? есть какой-то мануал? поставил git через ssh, git clone выводит ошибку error:1407742E:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:tlsv1 alert protocol version да и нет dkms думаю, как бы дрова-то запилить под свисток?
  5. Есть крайний вопрос, как завести контроллер adaptec 2405 под dsm 6.2.* ? т.к. только под 5.2 работает, при установке 6.*.* не видит харды
  6. I'm not running xpe, but a real 918+ and I'm trying to get the E10G18-T1 card working. So far, I downloaded the atlantic driver from here (extra.lzma for DS918+ v0.4) and extracted it from the extra.lzma and put the atlantic.ko file into /usr/lib/modules/ and /lib/modules/, but without success. (Does it even work like that?) lspci output: root@nas:~# lspci -v -d 1d6a:d107 02:00.0 Class 0200: Device 1d6a:d107 (rev 02) Subsystem: Device 1043:8741 Flags: bus master, fast devsel, latency 0, IRQ 20 Memory at 91400000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=64K] Memory at 91410000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=4K] Memory at 91000000 (64-bit, non-prefetchable) [size=4M] Expansion ROM at 91440000 [disabled] [size=256K] Capabilities: [40] Express Endpoint, MSI 00 Capabilities: [80] Power Management version 3 Capabilities: [90] MSI-X: Enable- Count=32 Masked- Capabilities: [a0] MSI: Enable- Count=1/32 Maskable- 64bit+ Capabilities: [c0] Vital Product Data Capabilities: [100] Advanced Error Reporting Capabilities: [150] Vendor Specific Information: ID=0001 Rev=1 Len=024 <?> Capabilities: [180] #19 Kernel driver in use: atlantic So it loads the correct driver, but the interface is not showing up in ifconfig nor dsm. Any help how to get this running? That's how far I've gotten in 3 hours.
  7. Hi All, Hope some one can help. I'm using a Dell Optiplex 380 with DSM 6.1 as i'm not able to upgrade to DSM 6.2 as no HDD Drive support as yet. i have a Astrotek AT-CPASA-1 IDE-SATA PCI 2xSATA 1xeSATA 1xIDE card with a 1tb HHD attached but Xpenology is not able to see the HDD. i'm sure it is a drive issue, but i hoping some one will be able to help with where i'm able to get the drivers from, but i do still have the cd that it come with and now to get it working with Xpenology? Regards
  8. I have an old laptop, Dell Vostro 1700, but its network card (Broadcom 440x) is incompatible with DSM 6.1. Which ExpressCard (gigabit) is compatible with DSM 6.1?
  9. Hello, i have got a pretty big question, as there is already a Version of Juns mod for ESX did sombody have an image wich wors with Hyper-V and the new Synology 6.x.x OS versions ? I got the Image ro boot but it doesnt get any farther than Booting the Kernel, changing up the network adapters between new and old wont do the trick either.... maybe somebody knows more ^^ at least : Thanks for having me on this Forum !
  10. Bonjour à tous. Je possède un vieux hp ml150 g5 que je souhaiterais transformer en NAS sauf que ma carte SAS P400 n'est pas reconnue avec le dernier loader 1.02b de jun. En fouillant un peu je remarque que ma carte est à base de LSI SAS 1078 or les drivers LSI ne sont plus intégrés dans le loader 1.02. Est-ce temporaire ou ma p400 n'est vraiment pas compatible avec ce loader. Merci pour vos commentaires.
  11. Hello, I tried to install DSM 6.1.3 on my old Xeon Dell power edge server, All went fine up until i triend to create volumes om the drives connected to my Dell SAS 5/iR controller. I cant seem to find out why but during creation file station stops it self and then all the volumes and raid groups already created from disks that are not connectd tot the Dell SAS 5/iR controller disapear and i get an error message saying Abnormality detected on Xeon-Nas. All volumes have been unmounted. When i disconnect the sas controller and connect 2 of the 4 drive that where connected to it to the sata port on the systemboard itself al goes normal and the system keeps running without issues. Can some one please help me , system i build with the sas controller was so i could build an 8 drive nas system with the parts i had lying around. But with this issue i cant even get it up to 2 untill i can split up 2 molex connection so i can hook up 4 drives to the motherboard. Kind regads Michel
  12. Bonjour a tous, Avant l'achat d'une clef TNT, j'aurais aimé savoir quels sont les drivers intégrés au dernier loader et DSM. Au passage, quelle partie est en charge des drivers? Le loader ou DSM? Pour le moment, j'utilise une clef TNT no-name avec un chip RTL2838UHIDIR. Elle fonctionne bien mais j'aimerais passer au dual TNT HD avec une HAUPPAUGE WinTV Dual. Quelqu'un utilise? Des retours, etc? Merci par avance. loader 1.02b DSM 6.1.2-15132 Baremetal
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