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  1. I ended up going with a virtual install on ESXi 6.7, using passthough mode for my LSI SAS controller. It's pretty quick and the install was more-or-less painless. What's kinda ironic is I had to insert network drivers into my esxi image anyway, however VMware had them available and it was an easy process. Thanks for the info!!
  2. Thanks for the explanation! I kinda sorta figured it was something to that effect, but actually knowing the process behind it will help going forward. Thanks again and play safe
  3. Ok, so I might have figured it out... I've gone into the ESXi settings and removed ALL virtual hard drives, cd/dvd, other virtual sata controllers, etc leaving JUST my passthough PCI device (which is my LSI controller) Rebooted my VM and now all 4 physical hard drives are showing and I can assign them to a storage pool. Guess it's got something to do with how the ds918+ only sees 4 drives natively. Not questioning it too much right now. I'll post if I find any other weirdness. Hope this helps someone!
  4. As the title says, only 3 of 4 hard drives are found in my ds918+ "bare metal" virtual instance in ESXi 6.7 when connected to an LSI sas9220-8i controller card when using passthrough mode. Before toggling passthrough mode, all 4 drives are seen in ESXi individually. All 4 drives are also seen if I connect them to the motherboard's onboard SATA ports, however passthrough isn't an option with the onboard controller. (drives are setup as RDM) Not sure if anyone else has seen this before. I know the drives are good and I know the LSI controller is good along with the SAS cables
  5. Hi. I've been trying to setup using loader 1.4 and DS918+ v6.2.3-25426 U3 however my onboard network isn't being seen. I installed a generic intel i210 card (igb driver) and it's being seen, but I'd really like to make use of the onboard as much as possible. The motherboard is based off an Atom c3758. The onboard NICs worked fine with TrueNAS. I edited my grub.cfg and included the MAC addesses of all 4 onboard NICs without success. (just the addon card is seen) I THINK the ixgbe driver covers x553 and when i perform a dmesg | grep Intel it does list ixgbe. Unfo