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  1. Update time! Support for v4.4 kernel TL;DR: it now works with v4.4 After some of you took a stab at compiling the LKM for Linux v4.4 (presumably for DS918+ support) we did too. We didn't see any PRs besides a small patch from @jumkey (thanks!). However, the reality came to be much MUCH more complex, especially if we want to keep the consistent codebase for all kernels. So, it took 400 lines over 12 commits by 3 people: However,
  2. This is like v5.7 territory. However since they charge for ExFAT they may have some agreement with MS to license it fully legally. You cannot mix Jun's kexec kernel patching with RedPill LKM. You have to patch the kernel with binary patches. We didn't test it with v4 yet. However can you post the full error log? Make sure you prepare the kernel source first as described in the readme.
  3. Update So a small update first: we've got the PCI emulation layer working! The PCI standard is truly an awful thing, which kernel developers found out too and put a fair warning on the top of their PCI docs: The world of PCI is vast and full of (mostly unpleasant) surprises. Since each CPU architecture implements different chip-sets and PCI devices have different requirements (erm, "features"), the result is the PCI support in the Linux kernel is not as trivial as one would wish. Linux doesn't have any high level APIs to add devices or buses. Because of this we h
  4. The RedPill is back! As some of you may be aware a lot of research materials as well as the code for parts of the kernel module were pulled from GH. We're happy to report it's back and fully public! Before further ado we have a small sneak-peek of the current state: Repositories Both LKM code and the research materials are present in two repositories. Both are automatic forks from our internal serves and are updated few times a day. - RedPill LKM: contains the current version of the Linux kernel module source code along with implementation details description - D