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Found 4 results

  1. Asus 10 Gigabit XG-C100C PCIE network adapter DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1 DS3615xs Tried the technical approach - just shoved the card in. Not seen in network interfaces The bios boot reported a card - Aquantia?? (maybe, was very quick) Should the card work, or some drivers needed??
  2. I currently have two Xpenology boxes on separate vlans. One is on vlan 10 and the other is on vlan 20. I can access both from my pc on either Vlan. I want to back up from one NAS to the other. When I click on the server in Hyperbackup, it does not display the NAS on the other Vlan. I use pfSense as my router and Unifi as my switch. How do I expose the NAS' to each other to create backups? Thanks in advance for your help! ~Anthony
  3. How are your guys network setup for your Xpenology to your other VM's or even your esxi host? I've been using esxi's E1000e since VMXNET 3 doesen't work on 6.2.2, but i sure miss faster filetransfers than 1gbit. In my search to be able to transfer files faster than 112MB/s to a windows VM i'm primarily using, i tried passing through a 10gbit NIC (Intel X550) and it was detected by xpenology just fine at first boot. I passed another 10gbit NIC to my Windows server VM and was able to transfer files with ~4gbit between the two VM's. This setup however requires me
  4. Hello, Does anyone know how to harvest the real MAC address of a device whilst booted into Xpenology? Basically I'm using an Intel NIC but now plan to use my integrated Realtek one for something. Originally I only changed the MAC address in grub.cfg for the Intel NIC (there is no second entry for the integrated one), running ifconfig from the server shows the second adapter but with the exact same MAC address as my Intel NIC. Is there an easy way to see what the unspoofed address is?