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  1. Follow up question - in the event that I later want to add a 3rd HDD (same or different size) would it make sense to enable SHR? And is something I must choose at the start (as opposed to a later date when storage is starting to fill up)?
  2. Awesome, thanks so much. 918+/6.2.3 it is
  3. Hey all, very new to DIY NAS and XPEnology, hope my plan makes sense. Am looking to migrate family files out of wife's desktop into standalone NAS. Add in backups of PCs, phones etc. Plus Plex server (not a lot of transcoding but nice to have the option) Currently only 1TB of files so not massive. The storage was on twin 8TB HDDs with a LSI RAID card (which started getting flaky) Planned hardware is: i5-6500 CPU MSI H170 motherboard (6 SATA ports, 4xDDR4 ram slots 2x8GB RAM @3200MHz (not that it will run that fast) 2x8TB HDDs Circa 550 watt PSU I have a couple of small spare SSDs floating around, if they serve a purpose? Maybe chuck in a 5yo graphics card if there's a point to that also So my questions are: Hardware sound ok? What DSM version should I be looking at? eg DS918+ vs 3617xs? Updates - I've noted all the warnings, do I give the latest a crack since I'm starting from a blank slate, or stick with an earlier version? Thanks in advance for any advice!