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Found 4 results

  1. ***For experienced individuals comfortable with synology and linux command line, I take no responsibility for any issues encountered*** ***Read fully before considering*** Please read all necessary documentation for setting up Xpenology before reading this guide. Try the start-here guides below: This guide docuements the process of using Linux to modify the synoboot.img for your environment and writing to a usb hard drive. Additonally, this guide shows the upgrade process from 6.1.7 to 6.2.2 with extra drivers (extra.
  2. Hey, been lurking that forum for a almost all topics regarding "how to install".....but to no avail! I am unable to set up Xpenology on my HP. I was experimenting with almost all DS3615xs loaders (Juns versions)....1.03b, 1.02......tried 6.2.3, 6.2 to 6.1.7 <----- the most bullet proof said on this forum! DS3615xs......since I have i3 550 processor and it seems to be the closest to my setup (regarding Synology specs) My motherboard is MS 7613 v1.1 : M
  3. Hi all, I'm trying to setup a server. I have connected my usb and power on the computer. I can see the balck screen which shows that all is OK but when I run the assistan from other computer, I can't see the diskstation and if I go into muy router, I don't see the computer connected. I have a motherboard AsRock 775-Dual Vsta with a VIA PHY VT6103 ethernet. Could the problem be an incopatibility with this card?
  4. So, here we go: another Noobie, another set of questions! First: I'm so grateful people are doing this XPEnology thing, this is just great. Great for user having leftover hardware or can not afford Synology Hardware. Also great for Synology promoting their Software, maybe gathering future DS users. Thanks. Thanks a lot! *deep and slow bow* Now to me: Quite normal PC user, Gamer, having build silent/watercooled PCs for over 15 years, nothing fancy, still fascinated by PC Hardware, although now getting a bit tired of the hobby. Always more Hardware than Software