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  1. Exactly, it's required only to boot on it at startup. Nothing more.
  2. Once DSM started, no you don't need to keep usb stick anymore because DSM is installed on hard drive(s) in the meantime, I think it's a bad idea to remove it since starting on DSM require a Synology valid serial number which is provided by the USB stick. If you reboot your PC, NAS or wathever, that will not boot on DSM.
  3. 1) tu te connectes à ton DSM via ton navigateur 2) tu vas devoir saisir 3 url, en les validant une par une, idéalement en utilisant la même page web. 2a ) http://IP LOCALE DE TON SYNO:5000/webapi/auth.cgi?api=SYNO.API.Auth&method=Login&version=1&account=TONUTILISATEUR&passwd=TONMOTDEPASSE 2b) http://IP LOCALE DE TON SYNO:5000/webapi/entry.cgi?api=SYNO.ActiveBackup.Activation&method=set&version=1&activated=true&serial_number="LE SERIAL DE TON SYNO" Si tu veux vérifier le statut de ton install : http://IP LOCALE DE TON SYNO:5000/webapi/e
  4. Nicoueron, Barbajuan précise également qu'il souhaite se servir de ABFB également pour ses PC je peux me tromper, mais au vu de sa réponse, je doute qu'il tente de chercher à faire du Rsync, qui va plus le décourager qu'autre chose. Nicoueron, si tu cherches toujours, réponds juste à ce message et je te donnerai la procédure pour l'activer.
  5. Hello, Read first lines of my topic, i tried both uefi and Legacy. By the way, both are working. Right now i'm in uefi
  6. Fixed... Restart from scratch with : Jun 1.03b DS3617xs Pat file DS3617xs_25426 I still got part 3 (format data partition) in grey BUT installation goes well and 600 sec countdown finally appears Reboot + verification = OK i'm in DSM !
  7. Hello everyone, I come to you because i tried everything else and i'm desperate My config : HP MicroServer Gen10 with AMD Opteron X3216 Bootloader : Jun's 1.04b with DS918+ (serial from DS916+ since there is not generator for 918+) Boot mode : I tried both "UEFI with CSM" and "Legacy only", exact same result. My problem : HP boot correctly from USB flashdrive on Jun's BareMetal DS918+ I launch Synology assistant = OK DS918+ detected I select the PAT file, installation begin and progress fast (too fast actually..) and.............
  8. Loader version and type 1.03b / DS3617xs DSM version in use : DSM 6.2.3 25426 Using custom modules/ramdisk? Extra.lzma 0.10 Hardware details : HP MicroServer Gen8 G1610T with onboard NIC and PCIe LSI 9211-8i raid card in IT mode (would works perfectly with onboard mini-sas controller) WORKS
  9. I would say a big thank you to IG-88 since he solved my boring issue with the remplacment of my HP P222 with a LSI 9211-8i in IT mode. All my 4 disks are recognized in DSM 6.2.3 25426 and i have been able to configure them fine. I go put my details in "User Reported Compatibility Thread"
  10. Thanks a lot for that information, i just ordered a LSI 9211-8i already in IT mode by the seller. 1000MB/s will be fine Because the mini-sas connector has bad contacts, if i touch the cable, 2 hdd are recognized, if a touch again, one more, i touch again, none.. lol.. I saw prices for motherbard replacment, they are totally out of reality..
  11. Thank you for the explanation, it's crystal clear now. In order to keep BareMetal install, i will have to add a Sata controller card, but the wire system of drive cage from HP Gen8 don't allow me to do that. My only left choice is a vm via ESXi.
  12. Ooops i found a thread where Polanskiman says : Hardware Raid cards are not handled by DSM. So I don't understand why on HP Gen8 Microserver DSM is working with onboard HP B120i raid chipset but not with additionnal card HP P222..? I'm missing something but i can't touch it...
  13. Hello everybody, Any luck to have storage driver for HP Smart Array P222 ?
  14. Thank you Luchuma, you directed me on the right way, indeed i didn't know that 25426 version was released, and DSM works perfectly with my native nic now. For Intel, i just used dsm 6.2.3-25426 + synoboot ds3617xs + extra.lzma 1.0.0 3617xs
  15. Thank you for your answer Luchuma, i already ordered a Xeon E3 1220L v2 few days ago, it will arrive in next week. i already have a ssd in odd bay, and ESXi is installed on it (i unplugged my 4 HDD which contains DSM and data for safety) so far so good Ok so i can add my 4 physical HDD as RDM into my new created XPeno VM ? Great news !! i will search for tutorial. Regarding baremetal, sadly once Jun Loader 1.03b is launched, Synology assistant didn't see any NAS.. i tried with and without extra.lzma custom with and without adding rz and image into it, so i