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  1. I give up .... since the system prompt out that the disk got I/O error and bad sector finally, i hotplug the HD 2 & 3 (newly added) and end the changing process, Lucky me, i got my data back !
  2. https://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?t=49622 someone says that .... it take two steps basic to raid 1 then raid 1 to raid 5
  3. i do not have any progress % ... only initializing disk
  4. My situation is .... I have clean install DSM 6.1.3 in N54L, and migrating data from another server, finally, 1 X 4TB HD full of data in N54L (DSM 6.1.3) after that hotplug 2 new 4TB rebuild the raid from BASIC to Raid 5.... however, this N54L server running almost 4 days, i still got this raid changing info screen. PS: the data in this changing status cannot copy to other drive through share folder (win10 connect to this server) Q1) Usually, how long should it take from basic to raid 5 Q2) xpenology DSM's raid function is work ? since i have no raid card in my N54L Q3) If I remove the Disk 2, can i have all my data back ? maybe i backup my existing 4TB data in the basic mode HD, and fresh build a Raid 5 volume. I very appreciate someone can give me a clue, thanks so much