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Found 20 results

  1. Hello! This is a short guide about how to downgrade from DSM 6.2 to DSM 6.1 after a failed upgrade. I made this mistake myself, so i'm sharing how to fix it! Your going to need a spare HDD or SSD. Make sure there is nothing on it. You've installed DSM before, so you should have your synoboot.img from JunsLoader. Your current bootloader on your USB in now NONFUNCTIONING, you will need to reflash your USB with JunsLoader. Once you have your new, reflashed USB stick, unplug ALL drives from the motherboard. Make sure there are NO SATA interfaces connected.
  2. jun

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Hi, everyone, Thanks for you patience. A new ds918 loader support 6.2/6.21 is uploaded. whats new: uefi issue fixed. i915 driver updated. link!Fgk01YoT!7fN9Uxe4lpzZWPLXPMONMA (for DS918+) - v1.04b ---Beginning of addition by polanskiman--- link!OV4gVKyZ!dCgfXx1bgAOyvbFwFiov3s7RSNoFuqnAcNmSllLoUiw (for DS3615xs) - v1.03b link!zcogjaDT!qIEazI49daggE2odvSwazn3VqBc_wv0zAvab6m6kHbA (for DS3617xs) - v1.03b Please read this topic to know what loader to chose
  3. For those who need a MBR Bootloader for DSM 6.2 i've uploaded it here, if someone will give them a Chance... i've successfully installed this on an Supermicro X7DBP-i with Intel Blackford 5000P Chipset. It is a loader for the DSM6.2-23739.pat and can be directly upgraded to 6.2.2-24922 Update 2.. this loader is based on Jun's Mod of Genesys Loader and done with their help!... Thanks a lot..
  4. Just a quick guide from my installation of DSM 6.2.1 Update4, before I forget it. The process was much easier than I expected, thanks to all the contributions and sharing in this forum. *** This guide required MODDED BIOS and a HP NC360T NIC *** Hardware Setup Flash kamzata's modded bios, use attached file to burn an USB with the modded bios, boot the server from it and let it complete the bios flashing Install the HP NC360T NIC, I bought a used one in Taobao for 14 bucks Load "Optimal Defaults" from BIOS, then In Advance page, disabl
  5. Подскажите где взять загрузчик для VMWare? Подставлял synoboot.vmdk от загрузчика 6.1, но так и не победил. На аппаратном хосте не помню какая Асус/КореАй5/8Гб ддр3 все 6,2 загрузчики поднялись, DSM встала, всё работает. На более древних матерях, не поддерживающих режим AHCI загрузчики стартуют, в файнд сино и сино ассистент определяются, но винты не видят.
  6. hi guys .... i just managed to install xpentology in hdd, no usb required to boot system 6.2. 1)Just start up boot from usb... 2)make nesessary login setups etc... 3) use usb to image tool (google it) to backup usb stick to *.img 4) connect your hdd you intent to use as boot with adapter as usb to the system you mad the *.img file 5) use balena etcher (google it) to write *.img to hdd 6) disconnect hdd and connect it as boot disk to xpentology system. 7) xpentology runs just fine from the new hdd!!!
  7. Добрый день, год назад установил на vmware esxi 6.7.0, xpenology DS3615xs 6.0.2 Jun's Mod V1.01 по этому мануалу (_ И недавно "оно" перестало меня пускать под admin'ом обосновывая это тем что, "Срок действия пароля для данной учетной записи истек, обратитесь к системному администратору", а это как раз я. В общем я себе не помог. Помогите вы, пожалуйста.
  8. Всем добрый день! Подскажите пожалуйста, новичок в этом хренолоджи, первоначально пробовал ставить на VirtualBox, скачал 3615.img, нашёл на форумах, что его можно скомпилировать на vdi формат средсвами VB, сделал это, через скази подключил диск, хренолоджи завелась. Тут пробовал ставить на vmware, уже на железо. Нашёл туториал по установки Tutorial: Install DSM 6.2 on ESXi 6.7. Я так и не понял до конца, там есть ссылки, вторая ведет на juns loader for DSM 6.2, где содержится файл 3615.img, первая ссылка на 1. synoboot vmdk, где содержится тот же файл 3615.img, зачем так сделано и какой испол
  9. Okay, I'm stuck.Last week, after I saw some good comments in this topic for my setup I've hit that update button, as I did may times before. However, my NAS did come online. After searching, Googling, buying an USB-RS232 adapter, fiddling with some breadboard wires I did manage to get my serial up and running. The conslusion so far, somewhere in the boot sequence it got stuck, but I can't figure out why. It does not come to the point where it presents a login or brings up net, so I can't access it now. I hope you folks can help me, or at least, point me in the right direction. - Ou
  10. Dear Community, I am new to PVE or KVM, but I did install xpenology on ESXi with success. However, after I install xpenology on PVE, the web assistant shows “No Hard Disk Found on DS3617xs” error. The mod I use is "with Jun's Mod v1.03b". I have changed the SATA port from 0 to 1. I also changed SATA to SCSI or IDE with no luck. I have attached the settings on PVE as the screenshot below. Is it not possible to install 6.2 on PVE? What's the lastest version that PVE supports? Please help!
  11. Железных нет, но виртуалки 918 на 1.04b прекрасно выключаются.
  12. Что я делаю не так, народ? Скачал JUN's loader 1.03b, конфиг отредактировал, флэшку сделал. Попробовал установить 6.2.1-23824 - сетевуха падает, всё тормозит... Решил попробовать на Другой ЧИСТЫЙ диск поставить 6.2-23739. Но при загрузке у меня всё равно требуют именно 23824 Где что нужно исправить, чтобы всё-таки 23739 установилась, подскажите, пожалуйста.
  13. Sorry if this is already posted but had a hard time finding it. I need help with best steps on how to update from 6.1 to latest possible with DS3617xs Is there an easy to use tutorial on how to do so? I have tried wiping clean and going straight to 6.2.1 but the does not find the NAS. Was going to try the force install option on boot up but that option was not listed.
  14. Hi there, I followed the instructions to create a Xpenologu NAS with 6.1 which works just fine, but with the DSM 6.2.1 - Loader 1.04b - 918+ bootloader I can not create a bootable usb stick with Etcher, Rufus or the dd command on Linux, any idea what is wrong? I used multiple different usb stick for testing. Mayday, I would really like 6.2
  15. Загрузчик 6.2 качаем тут. Пока для 918, будем надеяться, что появятся и для 3615, 3617.
  16. I am in the process of building a kvm host, and will have xpenology running on it. But notice the lack of virtio and sr-iov (ixgbevf) modules. So in the process of building them decided to create some helper functions to facilitate the process. Here is the link to the github page with the script: xdsm-build-utils I was able to create a synoboot image that supports both ixgbevf and virtio_net for bromolow 6.1, I was also able to make one for 6.2 but it only worked for the first boot/initial install once you install the .pat file it would error out. (May need to change the config
  17. I have been able to get my Mac Mini Server 2012 model to boot with Jun's 6.1 3617 loader and it works great. I was able to see the NAS on the network using Synology Assistant and connect just fine. However, I have had no luck getting Jun's 6.2 beta loader to connect to the network. It appears to boot just fine, but I never see it on the network. I tried: Both the 3615 and 3517 loaders Set the PID/VID of the USB Tried 2 different USB drives; all boot, no network Set the mac1 to the actual NIC mac address. I assume the NIC chipset
  18. Hi Guys, I picked up some old hardware from my work, and I wanted to try out Xpenology on the system. I'm running into a hiccup when trying to install it on an old HP xw8400 system. I'm using a USB to install the DSM and using Rufus to write the .iso or .img file to the USB. When I go to install it I'm greeted with a lovely "no system disk or disk error" message when I go to boot from the USB (The option is available under the boot menu). I've scoured the BIOS settings, but I'm still unsure what the issue could be. Following many attempts of different Rufus settings, and tryin
  19. Hey everyone, Currently playing on an N40L, using Jun's loader 1.02b, and succeeded to use the latest DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 4. However, i'll replace both my N40L and my genuine DS215J with an HP microserver gen10 next week, and i'm planning to take the latest possible DSM. Updating DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 4 to DSM_DS3615xs_6.2_23511 or DSM_DS3615xs_6.2-22259 results in failing DSM. I'm not sure if Jun or anyone else is working on this but i wish and really hope it . So basically I'm looking for a tutorial/guide on how to install DSM 6.2 beta (yet) on
  20. I used to run DSM 6.1.4 on an HP Microserver Gen8 using loader 1.02b. a few days ago, I accidentally upgrade the DSM to 6.2 beta (it is stupid, i know), and the box just didn't boot anymore. In Synology Assistant, the Gen8 is not even discoverable (two NICs on Gen8 was configured as Bond connection in 6.1.4). I tried to prepare a fresh USB with 1.02b Loader, and after the box is booted into reinstall mode, I actually can find the both NIC in Synology Assistant, and the status is showing as recoverable. Same thing as if I access the box in the browser, it asks me to recover, but the p