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  1. as @billat29 posted before... i'm pretty sure that 6.2.4-xxx is not supported by this loader (anyway if MBR or GPT)... @HermanCruzpls read carefully the Attentions at the top if this forum !! espacially this "Critical Update READ ME topic - IMPORTANT - XPEnology Community"
  2. @caltabpi It's quiet easy, i think... You only have to create an Bootable USB Stick in MBR Format with the same parameters (VolSize) as seen in the image.. and then simply copy the content of the original Image to this partitions...
  3. i tried this method on my 1.Box (HPE Microserver Gen8) and it works perfectly.. Thanks.. But at my "Spare"-Box (HPE Microserver Gen10) with Broadcomm Raid Controller it won't work.. I get no access to the Raid Array, surely lack of any driver for this.. Is there a solution to get this driver working (Insmod modprobe?) to geht access to the Disk-Array ?? I was trying it with Rescue Disk 6.0.4. .. Thank you
  4. i don't know about this Maschine, but possibly something went wrong creating the Boot Stick... be aware if the Stick is GPT or MBR formatted... good luck
  5. I'm not shure and haven't an Acer anymore, but i thin it was a Version of 6.1.....
  6. which Version? i think it was ver 6.1, better than 6.2...
  7. nothing special to Do but reinstall Power-Button Package... and first of all: Do a Backup!...
  8. did you looked for the "Power-Button" Package in this forum? this worked well for me but had to be reinstalled after Updates.. rgds
  9. I'm Not Sure, but you should use pat file from 6.2 Not 6.2.2.... the correct Version is shown at Synology Assistant and lower than 24922... good luck..
  10. I will report of a succesful installation and update of an HPE Proliant Microserver Gen8 (819185-421) to DMS3615xs Ver 6.2.3 - 25423 without inserting any Intel-Nic in it... what i did.... first i tried to install it from an USB-Stick (greater than 8GB) from the lower USB Port on the backside... which worked without making any changing in the bios.. as this worked i tried to install it from the internal SD-Card Reader.. this often fails with the "famous" error 13 (!) so i checked and found that the internal SD-Card Reader needs different vid and pid than my external reader atta
  11. you can find it in the grub.cfg file.. so it is based on 1.03b rgds Big_11
  12. Hi, i ran in same Problems like above installing (using) VMM on an HPe Gen 10 running XPenology DS918+ DSM 6.2.2-24922 Update 4.. I installed VMM but cannot start it.. after that uninstalled it and tried to reinstall but without success… The package Comes Always as "to repair", also when i did manually steps like @magara .. VMM Version is 2.5.0 - 9432 are there some more issues with VMM i'm not aware ? Thanks for help...
  13. "Powerbutton" spk ist installiert?...
  14. It seems to be a driver issue.. Look if your RAID-Adapter is supported! Try Another "extra.lzma" for your Version of bootloader...
  15. @S__M Sorry, i wasn't inform About your post… here we go..!CoxnjADQ!tlKxrPQpjWItkVuDWyAEhKycUyj03HERs8YOdoFgvg8 regards Big11