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Found 8 results

  1. Добрый день. Поискал по форумам и гуглям, перепробовал разные варианты параметров ведра. Прошу подсказать как сделать возможным вывод сообщений загрузки ядра для загрузчика 1.02b. Заранее спасибо.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm running NUTS with my virtual Synology running on vMWare ESXI 6.7 A few months ago, I started to work with the loader on a HP ML350 G5 server. It was brilliant. I've added multiple volumes, one from the SAS 2.5 RAID bay and some other volumes from regular SATA HDD connected directly on the mainboard. It was working fine. I was able to make some backups on the basic volumes. I started the server a few weeks later and I was able to backup again. But yesterday, after a few months with the server shut down, I needed to do another backup. So I booted up the server, and connected another 2TB SATA drive to the mainboard. It didn't work well. I struggled with creating the storage pool. When the storage pool creation start, the web interface shows 'please wait' then the web interface goes down. I have to remove the virtual disk directly from ESXI, then I can refresh the page and the Synology is again available. WTF, it was working fine a few month before, without any updates. When I stop the server and boot it up, it doesn't work. No ping. I have to force to shut down, remove the virtual disk of the VM in ESXI. Then it works perfectly, but of course without the storage pool. So I tried to restore a backup of the VM, same problem. I'm not able to configure ANY storage pool! It always take down the server. When I get back in the interface, there's always an error saying System failed to create [Storage Pool 1](Device Type is [Basic]) with disk drive X I really don't understand what's happening. IT WAS WORKING fine for weeks!! What the hell has gone wrong ? I had 4 different volumes mounted, and now I can't even get 1. I don't remember exactly which mod I have used, all I know is that "this mod is brought to you by Jun" Hope we can find out a solution! Best regards!
  3. Recently I reinstalled my build (DS3617xs/6.1.7) using a set of serial/mac(starting with 02:11:32) generated by Docker/DDSM. Everything went smooth until I create a new host in VMM, the mac of the DSM was changed to another random address(#1). I rebooted the DSM and kept looking at the router, the DSM started with 02:11:32 but later when the VM started, the DSM mac was changed again to another random address different from #1. I checked the grub.cfg of the usb drive and it wasn't changed. Now I am sure the DSM mac was changed during either the creation of a new VM or the startup of an existing one. Are there any methods to stop this?
  4. Moin zusammen! Hat jemand zufällig das Asrock J4105-ITX als 3617xs laufen oder eventuell 3615xs? Mein N54L soll jetzt ausgemustert werden. Möchte eigentlch das System (3615xs) auf das neue migrieren. Ungern ein neues anlegen. Leider finde ich keinen einzigen Thread darüber. Die meisten greifen zum 918er .pat. Kann mir jemand etwas genaueres sagen bzgl. Loader und sonstige Probleme, die mich erwarten könnten? Habe eine Intel Gigabit CT Desktop Adapter PCIe (EXPI9301CTBLK) Karte für das Asrock eingeplant. Soll ja wohlmanchmal Probleme geben bzgl. Realtek NIC. Ich danke Euch.
  5. Hallo, Ich würde gerne Kamera Lizenzen kaufen und in meiner NAS aktivieren da ich doch in Zukunft mehr als eine Kamera pflege. Nun hab ich gelesen das man dafür ne Originale SN benötigt, soweit so gut. Nun zur Frage: Kann ich mir eine defekte DS213j kaufen und dort die SN auslesen obwohl das Gerät nicht mehr bootet? Und kann ich die SN auf meinem DS3617xs Image normal nutzen? Oder gibt es noch bessere Wege? LG, Blaccky
  6. Sorry if this is already posted but had a hard time finding it. I need help with best steps on how to update from 6.1 to latest possible with DS3617xs Is there an easy to use tutorial on how to do so? I have tried wiping clean and going straight to 6.2.1 but the find.synology.com does not find the NAS. Was going to try the force install option on boot up but that option was not listed.
  7. Bonjour, je suis dans un environnement vmware esxi 6.5 je me pose la question suivante: si je mets une vm 3615xs, est-ce que si je lui affecte 4 vCPU les 4 seront utilisés? ou suis-je obligé de passer par la vm 3617xs étant donné que le 3617xs est un model avec un proc 4 cœurs contrairement au 3615xs qui est model avec un proc 2 cœurs. mog
  8. I have the xpenology ds3617xs software running on my old HP desktop. I am using this nas at home to store videos and personal work files. I have couple of following questions At the moment I am on version DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1 can I update to DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 2? Is it safe to obtain Synology ddns address or use one of the free ones out there such as no-ip?
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