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  1. Thanks for your help bearcat! I was able to figure it out. Just reconnected the SSD, did a Secure Erase for the drive to be recognized and added in SSD Cache. 1.png Thanks again!
  2. I have two 3TB WD Red drives, was planning on just reconnecting the SSD that I was using for esxi. I believe I modded the BIOS but I built this years ago and have forgotten, is there a way I can check? btw do you notice any performance increase?
  3. I converted my N54L from esxi 5.5 DSM 5.2 to bare metal DSM 6.1.7 and everything seems to work. It also fixed the “dsm 6 cloudsync allowing multiple sub-folders below root” to copy to my off site Xpenology backup sync. I was using a 120GB sata SSD to run esxi and was wondering if I can use that for SSD caching instead? i tried searching but could not find anything about sata SSD.