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1 hour ago, roadx said:

1.- install and stays with DSM 6.1.7 on ds3615xs, w Jun's BL v1.02b (...! and never update/upgrade to 6.2!); (I read that is much stable...)

go this one matey. nothing really new in 6.2 and saves you accidently upgrading to 6.2.1 (which won't work with your realtek NICs.


once you're on 6.1.7, just set your update settings to this:



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@ideasman69: Thank you for you advise! This is what I was waiting for..  Also do I, thinking 6.1.7 is much better (and safer!) than 6.2 regarding the updates...

Speaking of this, in 6.1.7, once I've make the settings as you suggest, the OS never bothers me with 6.2 announcements. But in 6.2, even I choose the 2nd option (as you suggest for 6.1.7 case) , the OS always bothers me with 6.2.1 update (which is fatal for my HW)


Thank You!


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Anyone who knows what syno_hdd_powerup_seq and syno_hdd_detect does? It was set to 0 in the older bootloaders, but now it's set to 1 by default.

Anyone who is using ESXi and has successfully migrated from ds3615xs to ds918+? Any particular VM setting that should be changed?


I'm still struggling to get the latest loader to list all my disks (using LSI in passthrough mode). Anyone who can explain what the sata_args are and how to figure out what values to use?

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