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  1. @likeadoc never mind. figured out and No issues!!! thanks a lot!! this is amazing
  2. Thanks: here is output and it was a success!! Can we patch all 3 versions? right now it does not seem to allow. Once you patched one of them, the only option is to "RESTORE" even if you do "./patch.sh -p". Great work!! ash-4.3# sha1sum /volume1/@appstore/MediaServer/bin/synocodectool 1d01ee38211f21c67a4311f90315568b3fa530e6 /volume1/@appstore/MediaServer/bin/synocodectool
  3. There are actually 3 versions : /usr/syno/bin/synocodectool /volume1/@appstore/MediaServer/bin/synocodectool /volume1/@appstore/VideoStation/bin/synocodectool
  4. Hi OP, Can you kindly update the patch to latest version? thanks root@DiskStation:/# ./patch.sh -p Detected DSM version: 6.2.3 25426-0 Patch for DSM Version (6.2.3 25426-0) not found.
  5. Hi all, I am having difficulty with setting up my xpenology box. I have: 1 x SSD, right used for apps only 2 x 3 Tb hard drives 2 x 8 Tb hard drives 1 x 4 Tb USB drive I am having difficulty with designing a system that is secure and crash safe. I like to have multiple backups. I also don't like RAID as it is harder to recover, and I'd prefer ext4 file system over btrfs as ext4 is easier to access once it crashes. The server is mostly for media and secure file server and storage, and backups of my computer files. I don't hav a
  6. Sorry, I did not mean to hijack the thread.The reason I jumped in is because OP brought me in and asked me a question under my thread. My post here is meant to clarify exactly my situation so people know what was going with mine problem, FYI only. It may provide helpful details, or maybe not. Again, My appology.
  7. This is a very odd issue. Mine is a supermicro Rangeley 8-core Atom board, A1SRi-2758F. It runs 1.02b (DSM6.1.7) perfectly fine. But I can not install 1.03b, the DSM 6.2. For some reason, the 1.03b is very different. I have tried many different USB thumb drives, 3 unamed, 1 lexar, 2 kinston, 1 kingaru. no luck. I have also tried to install 1.03b on two lenovo thinkstation, no luck, 1 mac mini 2012, no luck. All with no issue with 1.02b. The reason I think it is USB drive, is when I tried to install 1.02non the mac mini. The unamed USB worked
  8. I had a chance to give it another attempt. I have tried more than 5 different USB thumb drives, all failed. Very odd. It is not the NIC driver issues. I had a feeling it is related to USB thumb drive, but I don't know what.
  9. Supermicro Board with Intel Atom C2538 trying to install DSM_DS3617xs_23739 with bootloader 1.03B. here is the error message. It has no issues with DSM 6.1 and bootloader 1.02b. thanks
  10. I have using the earlier version of the loaders without any issues. It ran DSM 6.1.7. thinking about updating to 6.2 using loader 1.03b ds3615xs. Ihave been unsuccessful. the network card is recognized showing as migratable. I tried to install the DSM 6.2, it crashes in the middle of installation of DSM. Here is the screenshot. Any idea? I have tried 1.03b ds3617 as well, same symptoms. thanks
  11. tigs

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Sorry, I am just dumb. using the OSFmount, I can mount the 30Mb partition and see the extra file. now what? what do i do with it? thanks
  12. tigs

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    wher is the default extra file? ihave seen it being mentioned a couple of times. just can't seem to find it.
  13. this is great to know. thanks