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  1. abced

    CPU Throttle Script Tutorial

    I'm running DSM 6.2.1 and I wanted to set governors on conservative, but the only ones available (in scaling_available_governors) are "powersave performance userspace". How come? I was able to use convervative before (in DSM 5, same hardware).
  2. abced

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Is DS918+ version still suitable for N3150 cpu as it was 916+?
  3. What's on line 94 in wp-config.php?
  4. abced

    About Cloud Station Drive

    I guess the answer is in the word "re-linking". Only when you link the computer to the drive again that setting will take place.
  5. abced

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Great news! Thanks!
  6. abced

    DSM 6.2 Beta

    Have anyone tried running beta in VMM? In theory, it is supposed to work.
  7. abced

    My Ds1813+ has burned

    You can always recover data without buying a new device. Read a guide how to mount your drives in linux.
  8. abced

    Which version dsm do i choose

    916+ is useful when you have processor similar to that used in DS916+, so you get a hardware transcoding feature.
  9. abced

    SHR on 6.1.5

    After you setup DSM, just login to SSH and do your changes. You don't need to make any volumes before.
  10. Choose the one that has originally the most similar CPU to yours. Or just take DS3615. We have been running that for years before loaders for different editions came out.
  11. abced

    Synology Drive

    It's more like Google Drive clone since all their newest packages are copying Google products.
  12. abced

    Synology Chat Push Notifications

    It's (kinda) Synology service, so without valid SN/MAC you can't use it.
  13. abced

    DSM 6.2 Beta

    Maybe for internal testing, but definitely not public. You don't want to disclose new tricks that are going to be used in the updated loader.
  14. @nevusZ check
  15. That thread is about not having vlaid SN in grub.cfg, not about not being logged into Synology account.