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  1. No, that's expected behaviour. DSM doesn't report what's physically present, but what it expects to find on the target hardware for the firmware version you're running (DS3615xs in this case).
  2. Come back when redpill is out of beta. (Spoiler: it’s not even considered to be *in* beta yet)
  3. Check the syntax of your JSON config files, there's an error somewhere.
  4. Your best bet is probably the Issues section for redpill-load and redpill-lkm in GitHub: https://github.com/RedPill-TTG
  5. These sata portmap/disk index questions aren’t unique to redpill and have been asked and answered many types in other areas of the forum. Try using the site search tool (or using “site:xpenology.com” in Google).
  6. Not yet, its a long term goal of the project to have a more user friendly gui interface, but as this is still considered pre-beta a solid knowledge of Linux is required to build and potentially debug the loader. If you’re not able to follow the instructions as they stand it’s not the right time for you to move to redpill. Be patient
  7. Could we have a new thread just for DiskIdxMap/SataPortMap diagnostic?
  8. On the hardware tab it shows: 2x 8GB 1600MHz DDR3 ECC But in the BIOS setting for "Maximum Memory Bus Frequency" it's explicitly set to 1300MHz. Ah, Intel says max memory speed for that CPU (E3-1260L) is 1300MHz: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/52275/intel-xeon-processor-e3-1260l-8m-cache-2-40-ghz.html That's correct
  9. Hmm, yeah, that too Why are you underclocking your RAM @Kouill?
  10. I've gone through the spreadsheet and highlighted differences in configuration that I think may be relevant (I've ignored cosmetic stuff like power on boot logos and fn key prompts). What stands out to me is that @Kouill is running slower RAM, but that matches their CPU and is configured appropriately in the "Maximum Memory Bus Frequency" section of the BIOS. Also, I've got "Intel Virtualization Technology" disabled, as I'm not running a hypervisor and read that's best to have it turned off in that situation. But can this affect docker? It shouldn't, as docker is basica
  11. They're passed to the kernel at boot time, so technically they're grub.cfg parameters, but practically on redpill they should go in the "extra_cmdline" stanza of <platform>_user>config.json, eg. { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0xc75c", "vid": "0x05dc", "sn": "1230LWNXXXXXX", "mac1": "001132XXXXX", "mac2": "001132XXXXXX", "nmi_watchdog": "0" }, "synoinfo": {}, "ramdisk_copy": {} } They can also be set manually on a running system, eg: echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog But this won't persist a reboot, obviously.
  12. This isn't a bug, it's how DSM works. synoinfo.conf is recreated at every boot. Read the documentation: https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-load Modifications to synoinfo.conf need to be added to the "synoinfo" stanza in your <platform>_user_config.json files. This way they'll persist through reboots.
  13. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this you two, I know it’s time consuming. I’ll have a look at the data properly later on.
  14. Question: at what point during the boot process are extension scripts for “enhancements” run, and is there any control over it from user perspective? While trying to diagnose the kernel panic problems I’ve been having with bromolow on baremetal I’ve found that booting with nmi watchdog disabled, but manually enabling it after boot, seems to fix it. I figured I would keep nmi_watchdog=0 in grub.cfg, then use an extension/enhancement script to turn it back on again. Does that sound like an appropriate use of this functionality?
  15. I've drawn up a quick spreadsheet with as much information as I could get relating to hardware, firmware, BIOS settings and general configuration. These are spread across four different tabs within the spreadsheet. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aBrWkJHzwBl6HcYqpBZhRyeX-5CxT5yTmXZ9p3d8zAY/edit?usp=sharing Feel free to comment on any of the settings you think are right or wrong. @Kouill could you compare this to your setup and either fill the sheet in with your details or just reply back here with anything you think is relevant, please?