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  1. The whole world doesn't speak English. If you don't understand the poster's native language leave it for someone else who does to respond
  2. Thanks @Orphée, I just had a quick scan through the tinyloader thread, impressive stuff! Must have a play with that sometime soon now I've got a bit of spare time again. DS3622xs support sounds good; did I read somewhere that Synology are dropping support for DS3615xs that many of us use as a base?
  3. Looks like you're running into the kernel panic issue we spent quite a while investigating last year: https://github.com/RedPill-TTG/redpill-lkm/issues/21 The workaround I found was to boot with NMI watchdog disabled, then turn it on manually after booting.
  4. Hey people, sorry for going all quiet, life got on top of me for a little while after Christmas, what did I miss? Looks like TTG are still MIA, but there's been some great work done by the regulars to build on their work. Anyone fancy giving me the executive summary?
  5. I foolishly suggested I would do something like that last year, didn't I? Give me a few days to get back into the day job (and catch up with the last few weeks' posts on here) and I'll get into it. I've got a few proposals to run over with you, haydibe, etc. before I take them to the site admins. The main redpill thread needs to die, basically....
  6. This is looking very good, great work folks!!!
  7. @Hammerfine the config file included with rp-helper only includes the DSM versions officially supported by TTG. For any other versions you'll need to add your own entries for repos maintained by others as haydibe pointed out.
  8. I will certainly speak to the mods on the forum about locking this thread and starting new ones for support outside of the Developers Room
  9. To be clear: those screenshots I provided of a NIC with MTU set to 9000 were on a DS918+ with DSM 7.0-41890 VM, running on ESXi 7.0U2 with a VMXNET3 NIC connected to a vSwitch, set to 10GbE. The vSwitch also has its MTU set to 9000 and has two physical 1GbE NICs on the host attached using the igbn driver.
  10. I'm very, very close to starting to write up some detailed howtos and FAQs on this, but a few things are holding me back: - documentation is an arduous task, it needs to be kept up to date and that is time consuming. I'd need help - the current state of this project (still not officially a beta) is such that it could change significantly at any time and render that effort pointless (this is based on what TTG have said about the intended future of the project: GUIs, bootable images to discover drivers reqs, etc.) - TTG deliberately didn't provide step-by-step guides at this stage
  11. Jumbo frames is dependent on the hardware actually providing support. If the host's physical NIC doesn't support jumbos you won't be able to set it in the virtIO NIC, I believe. There's plenty of stuff out there if you google "virtio mtu 9000", but as I'm not familiar with virtio it doesn't make much sense to me.
  12. Hey Ozef, redpill really isn't ready for daily use yet. It's still considered alpha quality code with risks of instability or data loss. To protect users who aren't so technically able you won't find such step-by-step tutorials until the code is more stable. I appreciate that this is a huge and unwieldy thread now, but you'd do well to search for ThorGroup's posts and at least have a read through them, along with haydibe's scripts for running redpoll-load in docker. Add to this nobody's seen the primary developer of the project (ThorGroup) for almost 2 month
  13. You need to make it yourself because the boot images contain copyrighted software belonging to Synology. The whole point of redpill-load is to enable people to build their own custom boot image using the software Synology make publicly available without redistributing that same Synology software with associated legal problems. Please don't ask for images and please don't provide them if anyone asks.