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  1. WiteWulf

    DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 2

    Same here, HP Gen8, baremetal, Jun's 1.02b loader. Very quick install, no reboot, only had to restart SMB
  2. Just wanted to say a quick thankyou and report that this worked perfectly to update my HP Microserver Gen8 on 6.0.2 directly to 6.1.4 update 1 with no issues. Top work chaps.
  3. Just wanted to say a quick thankyou to all involved in this. I've just updated from 5.2 to 6.0, bare metal on HP Gen8 with no issues whatsoever. I decided to change the MAC address and create a "proper" serial for the box as part of the upgrade but can't get it to login to my synology account, but that's another story...
  4. WiteWulf

    Copy Left violation

    When you buy a Synology device, you're buying hardware, software and warranty support. The hardware appears overpriced because you can get the software and 'support' from here for free. Essentially, you're assigning 0 values to software and support in the cost = hardware + software + support equation. Indeed...and those of you with long memories may recall the brief point in time when you could buy Apple PowerPC clones with officially licensed ROMs and copies of System 7. Apple saw their hardware sales plummet and ended the program within 2 years of it starting. The rest of the hardware industry learned a useful lesson from this!
  5. Evening all, I was on the closed beta of Let's Encrypt that's now on Public Beta. They're doing some really interesting work with making SSL certificates available for free and they can be used on [sy|Xpe]nology boxes. There's no native client yet, but a chap has written up a good howto for running the client on a syno box. https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/syn ... ity/453/15 NB. you will need access to another linux box to complete the process. Hopefully there'll be official support for the service in future Synology releases or a community package released.
  6. WiteWulf

    DSM 5.2-5644 Update 2

    I'm not updating until Synology actually put up some release notes for it!
  7. WiteWulf

    DSM 5.2-5565 Update 2

    I just did the same as kuma16830: was already running on Update 1, installed Update 2 through the web interface, rebooted, server locked up part way through boot, reset, booted successfully. All good now.
  8. WiteWulf

    DSM 5.2 is available

    All sorted now: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5026&start=930#p37473
  9. WiteWulf

    DSM 5.2 is available

    Hmm...strange...may give it another go then. I used XPEnoboot_DS3615xs_5.2-5565.1.img to boot with
  10. WiteWulf

    DSM 5.2 is available

    This is a good question! I am running a N40L but am holding back until this has been clarified I just tried booting on an HP Gen8 Microserver and had no ethernet or USB keyboard available once the login prompt was displayed. Re-loaded 5.1-5055 on the USB stick and all was back to normal. I'll wait and see how this develops but thanks for the effort so far!
  11. Thanks for the heads-up. Was just about to click Go on this one (as past point releases had been safe) but thought I'd check first. Glad I did
  12. See if you can find the howto for reducing CPU speed that was on xpenology.nl, I installed this on my HP Gen8 and it brings the clock speed down from 2.3GHz to 1.6GHz and will allow it to speed up again automatically on demand. You could also look into the HDD hibernation features (ie. spinning disks down when not in use) but I'm not sure how well this works on non-synology hardware.
  13. Just a quick /me too for all working installed through the web interface. I tried it on a virtualbox VM first to check then installed for real on my HP Microserver Gen8
  14. WiteWulf

    Gen8 microserver performance

    Hiya, first post so apologies if I'm stating the obvious: please note that DSM states it's disk/network throughput in BYTES per second, not BITS, so multiply your monitor readings by a factor of 8 to compare it to your LAN wire speeds. Your stated 10-30, peaking at 42 translates to 80-240Mb/s peaking at 336Mb/s which is actually pretty good! Although you're connected to a gigabit switch the internal bus between the NIC and storage become a bottleneck on low-end hardware like the microservers. Rusty > very impressive, you'll not get more than 80% utilisation on an ethernet network so you're maxing it out there.