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  1. - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2-23739 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - HP Gen8 Microserver - Additional comment: internal NIC disabled and compatible Intel PCIe NIC installed
  2. Hey all, belated follow up to this, but I just wanted to let interested parties know I successfully update to 6.2.2-24922 today Previously I was on 6.2-23739 on a HP Gen8 using the internal NICs. To upgrade I carried out the following steps: installed a PCI dual GigE Intel NIC matching the PCI IDs listed above created a new USB boot stick using Jun's 1.03b loader for DS3615xs with the relevant MAC addresses for my new NIC, VID and PID of the USB stick and a generated DS3615xs serial number disabled the onboard NICs in the BIOS rebooted to check that the ne
  3. I can confirm this is almost exactly the same as I was seeing with my failed 6.2 upgrade and the first log entry is identical. It all start with "chmod failed for /var/packages (Operation not permitted)" and goes downhill from there. There is nothing logged to /var/log/messages before this that relates to the login or what is triggering the shutdown of services. Have a look in "/var/log/apparmor.log" as well, I was getting loads of entries in there at the same time. In fact, rather than just looking at individual log files, tail everything in /var/log when you login and
  4. You can't run 6.2.1 on a stock Gen8 at the moment as the Synology software doesn't include compatible drivers for the onboard Broadcom NICs. You should be able to take a stock Gen8 to 6.2 simply by creating a new boot stick with the correct MAC addresses in your grub.cfg, rebooting and installing the correct PAT file (I'd recommend using the one for a DS3615xs). I say *should* as my update to 6.2 had some problems and needed manually fixing of a few shell scripts, ymmv.
  5. Just wanted to quickly bump this: I needed to be able to run 'lsof' against the Synology (not a docker container) as part of some debugging and the optware-ng repo at: https://github.com/Optware/Optware-ng ...still functions fine on my system using the 'x86_64' architecture files. But yeah, for 99% of other cmdline tasks I use a debian docker container these days (great for running mkvtoolnix and ffmpeg jobs on files that I want to mangle in my Plex library).
  6. Also note that, I believe, 6.2.1 won't work with a DS3617xs image on Gen8, even with a compatible Intel NIC. More info in the thread blue max already posted above, have a good read through that.
  7. I've been looking for a replacement for Plex as a media streaming server (long story, but I'm far from alone) and came across Emby (http://emby.media). I was very pleasantly surprised to see that they explicitly support Synology and Xpenology separately. The rationale being that, regardless of what CPU you actually have in your hardware, the Synology software always reports the CPU version for whatever .pat file you're running. This prevents the regular Synology Emby packages from utilising any CPU features that may aid in, for example, transcoding. To work around this, they create
  8. Cheers @bearcat, dunno where I'd gotten it into my head that the fake Synology MACs where required. FYI, I'm not using (or trying to use) any of their services beyond what's installed on my system.
  9. I take it that adding in an HP NC360T card to a system would still require a) "compatible" MAC addresses flashing to the adapter and b) those MAC addresses adding as parameters in grub.cfg? There's a guy selling SFF NC360T cards on ebay at the moment for £13 so I'll give this a try...
  10. Thanks for all the additional info @flyride, it's really appreciated. I've got a stack of Intel PCIe cards in the office that I may have a look through to see if I can find anything matching those PCI device IDs.
  11. Ah, okay, I thought the 1.04b loader and 6.2.1 were inextricably linked. Having re-read Jun's post on the topic now, I see that all non-Synology provided PCIe drivers have stopped working in 6.2.1, so you basically need a NIC with the same chipset as a "real" Synology box. Lol, this is reminding me of when I used to have a Hackintosh and went searching for cheap Dell wireless cards with the same drivers as Apple gear
  12. Ah, I was under the impression it was a CPU architecture incompatibility, rather than just a NIC driver thing. Does the 1.04b loader simply lack the drivers for the Broadcom NIC in the HP servers, then? (I only just updated to 6.2 from 6.1.7 yesterday, so am playing catch up here)
  13. I'm also curious about the future of this platform now. I've got a Gen8 with the stock G1610T Celeron CPU in it (it does what I need it to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) running 6.2 U2, also, and it would be great if it was possible for Jun or QuickNick to produce a bootloader for 6.2.1 and this hardware. Failing that, it seems my other option is to backup all my data (9TB!!!), rebuild the server as an ESXi host, and go virtual...
  14. Yeah, just tailing it now and all those messages seem to have stopped, too. Job's a good'un