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    DSM 6.2 Loader

    I have the same problem, how did you solve it?
  2. Thanks Shnapps, I finally made my decision, I will go with xpenology. Accidentally we have almost the same configuration, since I am building my nas on a ASRock q1900-itx; I only have 4 GB of ram that I think are quite enough for my needs. Just out of curiosity, why are you using hyper-v? I may take your advices and use it too, if I need it, right now I can't see why In the end, another question: what do we lose by using xpenology on a diy nas in place of buying a real synolgy rig? Are there some add-ons that can't work on it or is it exactly all the same? I may borrow a mac address and a sn from a real synology nas if it's the case, but I have not a clear idea what's that for.
  3. Thanks for yuor replies. I see quite often people talking about VMs, now question is, do you really prefer to run the NAS as a virtual machine instead of bare metal? Why? Does this give any benefit? What are the best practices to run xpenology?
  4. Hi, I am a new user of xpenolgy and I am slowly learning. I am an experienced linux sysadmin, and I am going to build during christmas my first nas. I chose a DIY solution to save money and to be able to expand my config as much as I like. I am now studying the different NAS distributions and after testing OpenMediaVault and Freenas, I came to XPEnology. This solution really attracts me a lot, because it's a commercial product and should be more solid and versatile, compared to open source ones. What scares me is the future. While with freenas (a little bit overkill for my home NAS expectations) and Openmediavault I think there will be no problems in getting support and updates for the years to come, I feel a little more uncertain on xpenology, because in a future, synology may be able to add locks and break the wonderful work people in this community is doing. So the final question is: do you think that I can install xpenology on my rig and live safe for the next 5 years, counting on updates and support?