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  1. Thanks @Genesys, i dd'd the first partition from your 1.01 loader img to a new active partition on the hdd but it fails to even start the loader. I'm wondering if there's some data in the first 2048 sectors of the disk (as the first partition doesn't start until sector 2048).
  2. Thanks man this is awesome. I have a question though - is there any chance to get what you've done there into 1 single MBR partition? I've managed to get DSM 5.2 and the older xpenology loader running on a single hard drive without any usb on a kimsufi dedicated server. The loader is basically sitting on a small active partition sitting between the OS and data partitions. It works great and was really hoping to run DSM6 but just need the loader to all be in 1 partition. Any chance that's an easy thing to do? Thanks again for all your hard work!
  3. yeah why can't you make a "proper" loader? we're all waiting. the sense of entitlement from some people is baffling. Jun's loader is great and hasn't missed a beat - learn to show some respect to those who are doing this work for nothing.