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    Can I use a Dell R710 PowerEdge server to run XPEnology?

    Haha, I had guessed you might say that. I am scared to admit, I know not much at ESXi. Never had a use for it, maybe up until now. Not that this is the exact proper place to ask, but I am assuming I can take two R710s and run them in some sort of HA with ESXi? So if one fails it switches over to the other and has everything backed up and stored on there? I guess I'm lazy because I wish I could just do this with Synology HA and still use VMM. So easy just to slap it all together and keep running. But I'm willing to learn ESXi.
  2. ilovepancakes

    Can I use a Dell R710 PowerEdge server to run XPEnology?

    Thanks that would be great! I am considering buying 2 and running it in Synology HA cluster. But I found out that while running HA you can't install and use Virtual Machine Manager, even if you don't want to use the HA features of that. You simply cannot backup your VMs through HyperBackup or regular HA cluster unless you have VMM Pro. But it's in beta and Synology says after Beta it will cost money... So on Xpenology it won't work because you need Synology account linked to buy a license. So that plane went out the door. Figured if the R710 works bare metal anyway I can just use it HA and forget VMM.
  3. ilovepancakes

    Can I use a Dell R710 PowerEdge server to run XPEnology?

    So has anyone been able to run bare metal DSM on the R710? Thinking about buying two and running a high availability setup for Virtual Machine Manager. Definitely want to be able to use all 4 built in NICs and the storage slots...
  4. Would love to run latest version of Synology Router Manager on a custom box just like I do with DSM. Anyone know of a way to do this? I searched around but couldn't find anything or anybody that tried but from what I have seen SRM is basically written just like DSM...
  5. Thanks for all your work here, it is greatly appreciated! Have another nice server now up and going. -Chris
  6. I managed to get it to work with this version 3.2, I don't know why I thought I had an old version (3, maybe) and couldn't find 3.2. The system can use the cards now, but at first one port was only connecting at 100M speed but couldn't do 1000M. Since the other port was doing 1000M figured it can't be a driver issue and after fiddling with it and rebooting a bunch it started working stably at 1000M on both ports. All seems good now! Thank you. -C
  7. @IG-88 Using a Dell PowerEdge 2900 III. Has Dual embedded Broadcom NetXtreme II 5708 Gigabit Ethernet NICs. Using Jun 1.02b loader the boot seems ok but cannot find NAS with or the downloadable synology assistant. Furthermore I don't see those NIC's MACs on network when doing a scan. And, they don't get IPs from DHCP server. Guessing the NICs are not compatible with this loader. Do any of your ramdisk mods or other mods support this NIC maybe? I couldn't find anything explicitly saying so.