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Progress of 6.2 loader

Message added by Polanskiman

Let me get things straighten up here before this thread starts going sideways. This is the developper discussion room. Not a newbie forum to start asking for guides and whatnot. @jun hasn't even said anything about the loader he has uploaded to his repository. So I would advise self control. Also, to those in panic mode trying to make things work desperately please use your personal jugement and experience. If you want to have a positive contribution to this thread then please do so by posting about possible bugs or things that don't work (beyond the "no network" boring posts of course). I am talking about serious bugs or the such. All other requests will from now on be deleted or moved if appropriate. I have no time to babysit anymore. Use the forum subsections.

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Wow, great. Thanks a lot for this @jun.


Would be really nice if it would be possible to override the maxdisk option of the synoconfig as a parameter. A system-update otherwise is not possible with more than 12 disks (without a rebuild or a loss if more than 14 disks) .  (And maybe a disk-station-image with underlying GPU support would also be interesting). ... just dreaming...


But that would be just some plus-features :] 


so lets say thank you. any way to contribute (paypal ;-) )?

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Thank you, and congratulations.


Is there a plan to update the reference hardware platform?  I note that a new 6.2 feature (NFS 4.1 multipathing) unrelated to the processor instruction set is only available for DSx16 systems and newer.

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