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  1. Dark Zydor

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Huge thanks to AndreyATGB ! This was indeed the solution of my reboot issue when using hardware tanscoding. Do not plug anything on your graphic ouputs otherwize DSM will crash when using hardware transcoding. If any wire is plugged and system is on, you need to unplug it and then restart before using hardware transcoding.
  2. Dark Zydor

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    That is interesting ! I will try to disconnect my display within few hours and confirm that for my own configuration.
  3. Dark Zydor

    DSM 6.2 on DELL PowerEdge T30

    Yes, I have a valid serial number. Without a valid one, transcoding do not work neither with nor without hardware acceleration. Thank you for this information.
  4. Dark Zydor

    DSM 6.2 on DELL PowerEdge T30

    I would be interested by the result of a videostation hardware transcoding test. I personally get this behaviour with videostation and DSM 6.2 : - without transcoding option, transcoding works fine - with transcoding option, transcoding starts and works maybee 15 seconds. Then, DSM freezes and reboots.
  5. Dark Zydor

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    I guess this could be linked to controller driver or BIOS settings, so motherboard specific ? (That was a fresh install too) I used default BIOS settings and I read here & there that there are some tweaks (AHCI, legacy settings...). Some of them could even solve the hardware transcoding problem ? Here again, i will run some tests as soon as I have enough time.
  6. Dark Zydor

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    - I tried both i5-2500k and i5-4570 and never got an IP address. So I was not able to go further. Indeed, i5-2500k seemed too old so I did not insist on it. - Indeed, my bet was that using same CPU as 918+, It should work as well as possible. I will run more tests in the following days.
  7. Dark Zydor

    DSM 6.2-23739 Update 1

    - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.2-23739 UPDATE 1 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03a2 - DS918p - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: BAREMETAL - ASRock J3455-ITX - Additional comments: Untick hardware transcoding in videostation to avoid freeze of the machine.
  8. Dark Zydor

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    I wanted to try DSM 6.2 and the new loader and my i5-2500k/i5-4570 were not supported (although i5-4570 is on the list - maybee a network driver issue). So I bought a ASRock J3455-ITX which seems to be the more promising. Here are my advices to those who would like try it too. 1/ Do not plug your USB stick on USB3 port. I got an error 13 during installation until I changed to USB2 port. 2/ Be patient. When I launch the system, It lasts sometimes 2 minutes or more to get an IP address. You can think it is not working whereas it is only super slow. 3/ Everything works fine including DSM 6.2 Update 1, except hardware transcoding. If you untick the box (see capture below) in videostation, everyting is fine. If you tick it, system gets frozen as soon as you launch a transcoding. Maybee those advices are valid only for this motherboard/CPU.
  9. Dark Zydor

    loader 6.2 DS918+

    Vous avez oublié de décocher la case "Lecture seule" au moment du montage de la partition avec OSFmount. Je vous invite à relire le tutoriel suivant où tout est indiqué (point 4) : https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7980-tuto-installermigrer-dsm-52-à-61x-loader-jun/
  10. Dark Zydor

    Can't reach user interface

    Sounds like time bomb issue. It happened to me 2 or 3 times when I was using 1.02b 3617 loader. So I went back to 1.02b 3615 and no problem so far.
  11. Dark Zydor

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Thanks man @jun. Your work is amazing. So as sharing it with this community.
  12. Dark Zydor

    DSM 6.1.4 - 15217

    Update OK on my production environment. No problem so far.
  13. Dark Zydor

    DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 4

    Major crash tonight. I updated to update 4 this morning. I do not know if there is a link. No more volume. No more web interface (maybee something like timebomb coming back ?).
  14. Dark Zydor

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    Update 3 ok for me.