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  1. bagheera

    Set static IP address on Bootloader

    Yes thank you.
  2. It wasn't really answered so i ended up rebuilding my server but I guess it can be closed.
  3. No idea. I got fed up so decided to rebuild using ESXI.
  4. My filesystem is ext4 so that command won't work. When I do the last few steps to resize the filesystem it doesn't expand it - it remains unchanged. This is what I get: Here is the full output from what I did:
  5. Not really but I know the NC360T works as others have used it. I no longer use mines now as I now run Xpenology on ESXI.
  6. This is what you need:
  7. Hey guys I am trying this on another VM which I can't seem to make it work and I am seeing the same problems as muchgeil1 did. I am running 6.2.1 on Juns 1.03b bootloader using ESXI. I am trying to expand my storage from 2TB to 3TB which has been set in ESXI. When I try step 9 to Inform lvm that the physical device got bigger it says this: but /dev/md2 is there when I do df -l: If I do sudo vgdisplay nothing appears. If I run vgdisplay as non root I get this: When I stop services and start the fdisk stuff you can see the 3TB there: Any ideas? I think it could be because you can't use a 3TB since the disk type is Dos?
  8. bagheera

    DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4

    - Outcome of the update: SUCCESSFUL - DSM version prior update: DSM 6.1.7-15284 Update 3 - Loader version and model: JUN'S LOADER v1.03b - DS3615xs - Using custom extra.lzma: NO - Installation type: VM - MWARE ESXI 6.5U1 - on Dell Poweredge R710 - Additional comments: Reboot needed + NIC set to E1000e
  9. Thanks for the guide @flyride. I just tried this on my VM and it worked fine. Spot on!
  10. I need to do this. Would this keep all my previous DSM settings or will I need to re-configure everything again?
  11. Great tutorial video. Looks dead simple to create the RDM. Question: If one of your hard drives decides to fail in the server and you replace it how will that effect the data on your DSM volume?
  12. Hi all, I've got my server into a odd state. I have just upgraded to 6.2.1 Update 4. However, each time I login to the DSM web interface and login all my system services instantly all shut down. My setup is a baremetal install on a HP Gen8 Microserver. It was previously running Jun's v1.02b boot loader and I was on DSM 6.1.7. I created a new boot loader using Jun's v1.03b onto a new USB stick and updated the VID, PID, Serial Number and MAC Address of my new HPNC360T NIC in the grub.cfg. I have disabled the Microservers onboard NICS from the bios. Once I created the new USB I booted the server and under Synology Assistant it showed upas "migratable" so I connected to it and selected keep settings and data and chose manually install file. I gave it the DSM_DS3615xs_23824.pat file to update. The install itself went fine it appeared but I did notice that the server went from a static IP to DHCP. I could access my network shares using AFP and my plugins all where working such as Plex, SAB and Sonarr. When I went onto the DSM web interface and tried to login all my services then all of a sudden just terminate and stop working. My volume, plugins and everything all just disappear. If I reboot the server everything comes back and if I login again using the WEBUI all the services stop. Here is my log output when I do tail -f /var/log/messages: At timestamp 16:51 is when I hit enter at the WEBUI to login.  I have replaced all the rc.* files witch copies from the .pat installer file in /etc but that made no difference. Some have said that to delete the old .xpenoboot folder that is saved in root but I don't have that. I have also tried to do migrate again and re-install of the 6.2.1 .pat again which went well but I still see the same problem of services shutting down as soon as I log in. Has this happened to anyone else out there and any suggestions what I could do to fix? Many thanks
  13. So I thought I would do a new migration install. All went fine but still have the same problem where as soon as I log into the WEBUI all services still just stop running Looks like I am going to have to do a total rebuild from scratch again...
  14. @flyride did synoservice --disable pkgctl-WebStation and rebooted still the same. Went down the route of disabling all packages one by one then rebooting and again still no joy Am thinking of trying to re-migration install. I'm guessing that is fairly straight forward to do.
  15. Thanks. I will give that a try. But the strange thing is. When the server actually boots up everything is working fine. I have packages like sonarr, sab, plex all running and they all run fine as soon as the server starts up.