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  1. The search results you found most probably relate to a real Synology unit, you need to use the memory that is compatible with your motherboard.
  2. You should be able to just plug the existing drives into the new Synology unit, it will most likely say your are migrating from another Synology unit & offer to migrate to the new unit. FYI DSM is stored on separate partitions to your data.
  3. @jj-lolorather than asking the same question in other peoples threads you would be better off creating your own thread if you have a problem.
  4. Ok, seems there has been some confusion. Your non working system is emulating a DS918, your old N54 can only run as a DS3615. If you put the disks from the non working system into the N54 you will need to create a new boot stick using jun’s 1.03b loader, there will be a message saying your disks have come from a DS918 & that you can migrate to DS3615. At the moment DSM 6.2.3 is is the latest version you can run ok. All of your existing data should be ok however it always advisable to have backups of anything vital.
  5. @Orphée when you reply to a post there is a toolbar at the top of the window, the icon I’ve circled in red is the code tag button.
  6. @atakacsfor DSM 7 have a look at the redpill tinycore thread in the developer discussion section.
  7. I believe the HP one will work ok.
  8. Dfds

    HP Microserver N36L

    Assuming you power off before swapping the disks it shouldn’t be a problem, however as always make sure you have a backup of any important data.
  9. Dfds

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    @Niels_Jthe gen8 will happily run DSM 6.2.3 with jun’s 1.03b loader or if you want to try DSM 7 you can build a loader using redpill tinycore, see the thread in the developer discussion section.
  10. This is purely cosmetic & merely reflects the CPU used in that model, all cores will be used.
  11. Ultimately the j1900 isn’t the best choice to run vm’s. If you do go for new hardware you may want to consider running everything through esxi or proxmox.
  12. As @chickeysaid assigning assigning all your CPU cores to the vm isn’t a good idea, I’d also think about running the vm from an sad.
  13. @WDCluBplease do not use quickconnect it is not something that we condone on this forum, there are ways of accessing your server without it I.e. DDNS
  14. From memory you need to ssh into the ILO console then type vsp to see the virtual serial port
  15. As it’s a gen8 you can access the serial console via ILO so that you can monitor the boot process.
  16. If you’re doing a fresh install I would recommend DSM 6.2.3 with jun’s 1.03b loader
  17. Dfds

    How to update?

    Is this the file you manually tried? https://global.download.synology.com/download/DSM/criticalupdate/update_pack/25426-3/synology_broadwell_3617xs.pat
  18. Dfds

    HP Microserver N36L

    No problem, glad you’re up & running. Do not update beyond 6.2.3u3 with loader 1.03b, later versions of DSM require a different boot loader.
  19. Dfds

    HP Microserver N36L

    That’s as it should be, you need to access it from another machine’s web browser
  20. Dfds

    HP Microserver N36L

    Did you try find.synology.com?
  21. Dfds

    How to update?

    That is DSM 7 & has different requirements than DSM 6. My advice would be to update to 6.2.3-25426, then you can apply minor update 3. Thia is the last version supported by jun's 1.03b loader, to update to DSM you will need to review the redpill tinycore loader thread in the developer discussion section & decide if you wish to try it. Many people have had success with it but it does require a higher level of knowledge & should be treated with caution.
  22. Update to 25426 manually selecting the pat file, then update through control panel to update 3. Do not enable automatic updates. 6.2.3u3 is the max version supported by jun's 1.03b loader.
  23. The minor updates can usually be updated from the control panel once you've updated to 25626. As always it's recommended to have backups of any important data.
  24. You don't say what hardware you're running but yes you should be able to update to 6.2.3-25426, once done you can apply the minor updates.
  25. In use xpenology is exactly the same as Synology, where xpenology differs is in the setup because we are using non synology hardware. I’d suggest having a look at the FAQ’s & the various tutorials before making a decision.
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