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  1. Did you get your raid / dsm get back working ? i also still search for a 24 bay permanent solution :-S
  2. As I already said. HW transcoding won't work on most systems. There is a really small combination of hardware, and software (DSM) configurations that will work with hardware transcode. And transcoding based on an iGPU is none of them (as far as I know).
  3. Yeah you are right, ... it IS possible, but only with a specific set of hardware and some fiddling with config files. I tried many tutorials, most of them included obtaining the licence for video-station etc. - but nothing really worked and available support is quite low since plex doesn't support xpenology (DSM with other hardware than synology offers) and xpenology do only offer some little support about plex. If someone got it working with an (current) iGPU, I'm open for giving it a new try. But so far I just saw some solutions which uses real dedicated GPUs.
  4. I think if hardware support is a mandatory, you should think about unraid - unfortunately. In DSM / Xpenology it is quite hard to get it work altough DSM is (for me) a much better / prettier system as Unraid. If you have a possibility to try unraid on baremetal, give it a try with the trial the offer. check if hardware acc is working and if yes usw it otherwise you could dig deeper into DSM and hardware acc. Keep in mind that the hardware transcoded media may not look good at all (!). There is a difference in transcoded media you actually can see
  5. I have indeed very similar hardware .... Never got it working. 916er image has some other disadvantages and also plex doesn't used the OnChip GPU. I flashed the box multiple times with different images (and also some other drivers because of my 10GbE network adapter) but stillt never worked. I gave up on this. Let me know if you found a suitable way.
  6. Vielleicht könnten ja @jun, @quicknick und du @IG-88 zusammen an nem schicken AIO loader arbeiten Scheinbar hat jun ja schon nen weg gefunden DSM 6.2 lauffähig zu machen, die Möglichkeit das auf der Basis von verschiedenen (vor allem aktuellen Images) zu machen die ggf. GPU Unterstützung bieten, und oder eine persistent angepasste synology.conf wären natürlich himmlisch. Ich kann leider echt nicht mit Kernel Skills aufwarten, höchstens mit BigData KnowHow - den brauchen wir hier aber glaube ich nicht ;D -- ggf. Ressourcen wären machbar und zusammen mit @Die_Quelle ggf. mit ne
  7. Wow, great. Thanks a lot for this @jun. Would be really nice if it would be possible to override the maxdisk option of the synoconfig as a parameter. A system-update otherwise is not possible with more than 12 disks (without a rebuild or a loss if more than 14 disks) . (And maybe a disk-station-image with underlying GPU support would also be interesting). ... just dreaming... But that would be just some plus-features :] so lets say thank you. any way to contribute (paypal )?
  8. So nice you found a solution But basically there is no solution to get updates working without crashing the whole raid (if you use more than 12 disks) Right ? Isn‘t there a option using permissions to deny override, or changing the pat file to change the included synoinfo.conf ?! :-/
  9. Das Problem ist halt, dass ich die eSATA nicht zum RAID hinzufügen kann, darum komm ich hier aktuell nicht weiter T_T... Ich hab mal zum Test auch USB map auf 0x0 gesetzt, und das hat geholfen.... mhh. Tja am besten ich lass es so :D?! Aber dann kann ich gar keine USB Slots mehr nutzen, richtig?
  10. Mhh hast recht, rechts nach links und so....mhh okay. Ne idee warum er die HDD dennoch als eSATA erkennt obwohl bei der eSATA map halt nix angegeben ist?
  11. edit (sorry zu spät gesehen das die 0 fehlte): müsste doch eigentlich : 0x0000ffff
  12. mhhh also tatsächlich war es anscheinend eine kombi aus mehreren problemchen a) war der SAS stecker nicht ganz fest an der backplane worauf es erstmal garnicht ging .... -.- (das erstmal herausfinden ....) und nun wird die HDD zwar angezeigt, aber als externe HDD. Das scheint aber nun wirklich n problem in diesen portmappings zu sein, richtig? Hier ist doch glaube ich was falsch, oder? Müsste die zweite zeile nich heißen: 0x000ffff ? oder hab ich was falsch verstanden o.O?
  13. Hallöchen, folgendes Problem: Ich besitze aktuell das Supermicro X11SSH-CTF Board. Dieses hat 8x SATA onBoard und zwei SAS Anschlüsse. Mein HDD Setup ist wie folgt: SATA0-SATA2 habe ich drei identische SSDs angeschlossen (alle erkannt). SAS (Backplane1) habe ich 4x10TB HDDs angeschlossen (alle erkannt). Nur die neue 5te 10TB HDD an der zweiten Backplane wird einfach nicht erkannt Synology zeigt mir das Ganze aktuell so an: Die vier HDDs hinten , und die drei SSDs vorn.
  14. Hey there,.... on a naked DSM 6.2 build, how is the easiest way to track which process is generating network traffic? I got some traffic on my DSM and don't really know where it is coming from... :-/ ideas?
  15. First of all: Thanks for your work I just tried the extra.lzma. My network adapter is: AT2 X550-T1/T2 and it seems it is not working. (as we wrote via pm, my brother tried to build the kernel modules (ixgbe) himself but seems the results are the same). I thought it was our fault because we made something wrong while compiling. Installing via USB Level One adapter works, but the LSI * adapter does not work too....only SSDs connected thru SATA ports are detected. lspci shows: dmesg