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  1. Not true, both of my servers have the old style serial numbers & boot ok.
  2. Never mind, found it in another post.
  3. @LittleScratch DSM will use all physical cores in your system, not sure about hyperthreads though. Run cat /proc/cpuinfo from a terminal window to check.
  4. @casca Just out of interest what model readynas was it?
  5. @Vish, @Josh There is not need to boot with the reinstall option first, the N54L is perfectly happy booting with the Baremetal option, see post 284. I have a N40L & a N54L both upgraded from 6.0.2 & booting happily with that option.
  6. As a starting point I would try again with another USB stick & a fresh download of the pat file.
  7. Glad you're up & running, Which bootloader caused the issue & which one fixed it?
  8. Might help if you state the processor, network card etc & which bootloader you're using.
  9. No I've not had any problems since updating. Choosing upgrade would be correct if you were coming from DSM 5.2 or DSM 6.0.2. Mine was upgraded from 6.0.2 to 6.1.3, then update 4 when it became available.
  10. The driver for the N54L's network card is definitely in jun's 1.02b loader as my N54L is running with it right now. Do you have a spare HDD that you could try a clean install with?
  11. When it boots up without the disks what's showing in control panel, has DSM recognised update 4? Have you tried using a different USB to see if you get the option to reinstall?
  12. @gb77 jun's 1.02b loader definitely works with the N40L, as Polanskiman says just disable C1E support in the bios, reboot & upgrade to 6.1.3. After the install finishes you'll get an update notice saying that update 4 is available, you can go ahead & apply it but be warned it will reboot your system again.
  13. An upgrade should be fine, it's what I did.
  14. Yes I did change the serial no as I have 2 servers & didn't want them both the same. Looking at my grub.cfg I also removed all of the menuentry items except for menuentry "DS3615xs 6.1 Baremetal $VERSION" --class os { set img= savedefault loadlinux 3615 usb loadinitrd showtips }
  15. The cpuinfo in control panel is hard coded, which is why it shows 2 cores because that's what a DS3615xs has. If your system has 4 cores they will all be used, run cat /proc/cpuinfo from a terminal window to confirm.