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  1. Glad you got it sorted.
  2. You could try flashing the bios again, this appears to be a newer version: http://www.nathanielperez.us/blog/hp-proliant-n40l-bios-modification-guide or getting a 2 port pcie sata card
  3. TheBay bios & just the ahci change. Not really sure what else to suggest.
  4. Ok, that is slightly weird. Do you have another disk you could try just to rule that out.
  5. Not really sure what more there is to explain, the setting I was referring to is this line in grub.cfg. set sata_args='sata_uid=1 sata_pcislot=5 synoboot_satadom=1 DiskIdxMap=0C SataPortMap=1 SasIdxMap=0'
  6. Yes I have a N40L & a N54L, both running DSM 6.0.2-8451
  7. Ok, I've just checked my settings & SataPortMap=1 & my 5 WD Black disks are seen by DSM Ok, so maybe try that.
  8. Can you see the 5th disk in the bios when set to ahci mode?, maybe try a different sata cable
  9. You need to change it to AHCI mode.
  10. If you're running DSM under ESXI on a AMD cpu you'll be fine, just make sure you have appropriate backups before you upgrade. As for the cpu shown in control panel, that's what is used in a real DS3615xs.
  11. Or you could access the data on those disks via a Linux Live CD, see this post:
  12. Great tutorial Polanskiman.
  13. Quickconnect will NOT work & is an abuse of Synology's services, if you need external access use something like NO-IP
  14. That mac address doesn't look right, should be something like 0011322CA785. Did you follow these instructions: When I upgraded my N54L's the only things I changed were the vid, pid & mac addresses & DSM 6.0.2 installed without issue.
  15. You might want to do some reading first, however as a starting point have a look here: