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  1. Dfds

    Reinstall XPEnology on Netgear RNDU2000

    From a quick google search it looks like the previous owner flashed the internal rom. I'd have a look at the tutorials then try booting DSM 6.1 using jun's 1.02b loader & the DS3615xs pat file as this probably has the best chance of working. If it doesn't you could try DSM 5.2
  2. Dfds

    change model from 3615xs to ..

    It isn't possible to change the model in that way, a new loader would need to be compiled for the version you want to use.
  3. Dfds

    Cheap "Out of the box" working Mobo+cpu como

    I believe there are several people using this board with 6.2 but there have been some issues getting hardware transcoding to work,. The J3455B-ITX version was been confirmed as working by user ideasman69, so maybe the better choice.
  4. Dfds

    Cheap "Out of the box" working Mobo+cpu como

    Why not give your parents the N54L & build yourself a NAS that you can upgrade as & when required. The advantage of doing it this way is that the N54 has 5 drive bays available should you wish to use it as a backup destination for your own server.
  5. Dfds

    Dell OptiPlex 7010 USFF - Problems with 6.2

    @Joe Bethersonton Did you set the USB's vid & pid?
  6. Dfds

    DSM 5.0 to 6.x

    A quick search of the forum & you would have found this guide.
  7. Dfds

    Bare metal build probs!!

    @Gordon Pullar please do not create multiple posts regarding the same issue, I have deleted your other post & edited this one to include some of the information from the other post. In in order for people to help you it is a good idea to say what version of DSM you are trying to install together with the loader you are using. I would also suggest you search the forums to see if anyone else is using that board & have a read through the FAQ's.
  8. I'm pretty sure Synology disabled root access in DSM 6, you can enable it again if you wish, just do a google search for instructions or you can modify winscp, again google for instructions.
  9. Dfds

    Overwriting an existing installation

    1: DSM has been installed on all HDD's but the USB with the loader is needed for booting so should be left plugged in. Check your bios settings the ensure everything is ok. 2: You're running 6.1 but 6.2 is the latest version so you will get the notification in control panel but you can just ignore it. 3: Correct, quickconnect won't work, however it is easy to setup external access. Check out the FAQ's.
  10. Dfds

    Cloud Station Server guide?

    I do it manually but I believe you can automate it.
  11. Dfds

    Overwriting an existing installation

    Boot from a Ubuntu live USB & initialise the disks then you can do a clean install.
  12. Dfds

    Cloud Station Server guide?

    Why not setup Photo Station on the server & use the DSPhoto app on your phone, works great for me.
  13. Dfds

    Trying to fetch DSM 6.0> on a DS1010+

    No problem, for future reference you can message myself or one of the other moderators to get the thread moved.
  14. Dfds

    Trying to fetch DSM 6.0> on a DS1010+

    @simkard Please do not post multiple threads about the same topic, I have deleted your other thread.
  15. DSM is installed to all HDD's, you can't choose where to install it.