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  1. I've just created a new loader USB (in windows) & checked it with disk utility in a MACOS VM & it's also showing as non bootable so I think that's a red herring. Have you checked the HP's bios settings is set to boot from the USB?
  2. If you had used the search function as @jensmander suggested you would have found that you need to mount the img file with osfmount
  3. A quick look in the FAQ's would have resulted in this thread:
  4. The preview program has been delayed until Q3.
  5. If you want to run DSM 6.2 then yes you need a HP NC360T
  6. No, an incorrect MAC would not cause it. Have you set the correct vid/pid for the USB?
  7. Your best option would be to try jun's 1.02b loader with DSM 6.1
  8. You cannot install DSM to a USB stick, only to a HDD. The USB sticks only function is to act as a boot loader.
  9. @norcalm No worries, glad you're up & running again.
  10. @norcalm Have you tried downloading the Synology assistant & using that to find it.
  11. If you use the same serial/mac on both devices Synology may well block them as they do call back to Synology's servers. As for quick connect you can use it on the real DS918+ but it's use on xpenology is discouraged.
  12. Synology's video station doesn't support DTS playback, you will need to install FFmpeg or use something like Plex.