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  1. NoIP DDNS service

    Have you checked to see that they are open using something like https://portchecker.co/
  2. For DSM 6 Most people use jun's loader, however as you have discovered it does not contain as many drivers as the 5.2 loader. In order for you to get some assistance please list the hardware you are using i.e. motherboard, network card etc.
  3. Try using something like Textpad
  4. "LZMA data is corrupt" - after update

    Yes I mean starting afresh by creating a new USB drive with Win32DiskImager & a fresh copy of jun's 1.02b loader & don't forget to set the correct vid & pid for the new drive.
  5. "LZMA data is corrupt" - after update

    Sounds like a problem with the USB drive, have you tried creating a new USB drive & booting from that?
  6. It sounds like your pc isn't booting from the usb, have you checked the bios to ensure that booting from usb is enabled?
  7. Have a look at the FAQ's, there is a tutorial there.Personally with your hardware I'd stay with the 3615 image.
  8. With xpenology it is always recommended not to apply new updates until they have been tested. Major versions usually require a new loader, minor updates are usually ok. As you say there is no way to disable updates completely but while DSM may show that updates are available you are under now obligation to apply them.
  9. XPEnoboot download links now working

    Links to all current loaders can be found here
  10. There are several different loaders depending on which version of DSM you wish to run, the most up to date is jun's 1.02b loader for 6.1.4 Use of quickconnect on xpenology is an abuse of Synologys services & should not be used. There are plenty of free alternatives & you say you have 2 genuine Synology servers which can use quickconnect anyway.
  11. The gen8 will run DSM 6.1.4 just fine.
  12. No there isn't, you will need to backup any data & recreate the volume as btrfs.
  13. VMM requires btrfs files systems, what's your volume 1 formatted as?
  14. Creating loader USB under Windows 1709

    I'm running 1715 without any issues.
  15. Could I use iOS Apps in Xpenology?

    The easiest way would be to setup DDNS, there are several free services available i.e. NOIP, DuckDNS etc. have a look at this tutorial If you really want VPN access I suggest you do a little research as it's a bit more involved.