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  1. No, the internal nic is fine.
  2. Surveillance station works ok, don’t use chat so can’t say about that.
  3. I think that’s a bit hit & miss, my advice would be to add any new extra lice to your DS415 then add the cameras to the other server.
  4. You could go for a G8 Microserver, there are lots on the market that have been upgraded with Xeon CPU’s. I’m not sure you can transfer the license packs but an alternative would be to continue using the DS415 & the new server then use the CMS app to manage both which also allows you to share the camera licenses between both servers.
  5. You can obtain a free ESXi license from VMWare.
  6. The question(s) in this topic have been answered and/or the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.
  7. @josejavier3 Loader 1.03b & DSM 6.2.3 for DS3615xs
  8. Currently DSM 6.2.4 isn’t working with any loader, the latest version we can use is 6.2.3
  9. 6.2.4 isn’t working with any loader at present.
  10. Yes you can connect 4 HDD’s in raid5, this server doesn’t come with a raid controller but DSM uses software raid so doesn’t need one.
  11. No problem. The DS1621 is a good NAS & I'm sure you'll be very happy with it, you may need to repair the volume when you put the disks in but your data should be ok.
  12. @Earthian E90 Have a look at this thread, it should help you recover your data. https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/7004-tutorial-how-to-access-dsms-data-system-partitions/
  13. @ldr78 DO NOT update to 6.2.4 as this version of DSM isn’t working for anyone. 6.2.3 with jun’s 1.03b loader should be ok but my advice would be to test it with a spare HDD. As you’re not wanting transcoding I’d stick with DS3615xs. I’m not sure what nic you board has so can’t say if you’ll need the extra .lmz file.
  14. @AkhilO lol, you’re right. I meant 6.2.3, comes of responding on my phone instead of my Mac.
  15. You’re trying to install 6.2 on the new server, your other server is running 6.3. 6.2 has known issues so try installing 6.3, also don’t forget to ensure that the new server has a different serial number & MAC address to your existing server.