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  1. It’s not reached the beta stage yet so best to wait, have a read through the thread though by all means as it’s quite interesting.
  2. @Quizzer16If you're planning to add a 5th HDD you'll need 5 1/4" - 3 1/2" drive brackets too.
  3. If you're looking for a modded bios google "thebay bios", it's what I've always used on my N40 & N54's.
  4. Synology's VMM doesn't work with AMD CPU's.
  5. You should use the username & password you created when you installed DSM.
  6. In order to help we need a bit more information like which loader & what DSM Version are you trying to install?
  7. Glad you're all sorted now. Did you also disable C1E in the bios?
  8. @babsiboAre you booting from the optical drive bay? I yes you will need the modded bios.
  9. Exactly what image did you use?
  10. Apologies should have been this loader https://mega.nz/#!KcpE3KST!ZdCzXAjHaPTZGpP4aVES4Eu72TB7PrAgU5oKgS8D0jM
  11. Not sure why your volume isn’t showing up, the DSM os is stored on a separate partition so the upgrade shouldn’t have touched the data partition.
  12. Yes install/upgrade then manually select the pat file.
  13. If you didn’t use the pat file you downloaded DSM probably tried to update to 6.2. Have a look at this thread https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/42765-how-to-undo-a-unfinished-update-623-to-624-no-boot-after-1st-step-of-update/