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  1. I have an IntelNIC, and that's what I did as well. Following is my bromolow_user_config.json { "extra_cmdline": { "pid": "0x019e", "vid": "0x054c", "sn": "1XXXXXXXXXXXX", "mac1": "00XXXXXXXXX1", "mac2": "00XXXXXXXXX2", "mac3": "00XXXXXXXXX3", "mac4": "00XXXXXXXXX4", "netif_num": "4" }, "synoinfo": {}, "ramdisk_copy": {} I am able to build the image, burn it to usb, and boot to grub. However, after booting, the Intel NICs cannot get any IP from the DHCP server, so there is no way I can access the NAS
  2. I saw something post a success on HP Gen 7, which should be using AMD CPU.
  3. Hi, Would like to know how did you build the bootloader? I tried both redpill-tool-chain_x86_64_v0.8 and redpill-tool-chain_x86_64_v0.7.4, both of them are not working.
  4. kaykkay

    RedPill with N54L

    I tried using redpill-tool-chain_x86_64_v0.8 and redpill-tool-chain_x86_64_v0.7.4 to build bromolow platform (3615xs) bootloaders for my N54L with Intel NIC. All of them (6.2.4, 7.0, and 7.0.1) do not work on the N54L
  5. kaykkay

    RedPill with N54L

    Hi all, I have an N54L running Jun Loader 1.0.3 with DSM 6.2.3. I would like to know if anyone successfully running Redpill with the N54L as I am thinking to update it to 6.2.4 or even 7.0 if possible. Thanks.
  6. Welcome! You can check the following link to see if there are any problems updating from 6.2.1 4 to 6. https://xpenology.com/forum/topic/14240-dsm-621-23824-update-6/
  7. kaykkay

    DSM 6.1.x Loader

    FYI, I do not have any problem with the AMD CPU.