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  1. As i am not a developer, i will not be posting here. Is there a Non-Dev discussion group that is elsewhere for this topic does anyone know of? Thanks
  2. How do i do this? Just by not allowing external access to the box? Should i be blocking any of Synology's IP addresses? I thought i read somewhere of someone blocking their IP address.
  3. Apologies as i started this thread while apparently under the influence and forgot i created it. Been dealing with some personal stuff lately. Thank you for your contributions. Will name best answer too. The only thing i don't see a blot of is FOMO posts about this. Are there a lot of them? Where are they, on Reddit or something? Or are we speaking in historical terms, as in people getting FOMO about updates in years past, or regarding just this one or what? FOMO may be true, but i dont feel as if any of the questions were unreasonable. DOUBLE POSTING would
  4. Oh shite. I honestly don't remember posting that. I better take it easy on the Xannys and Vodka. Geesh i'm embarrassed. I'm sorry folks.
  5. Thanks all and IG88 So i think i made my post so it was not understood properly. What i was getting at is: There must have been instances in the past, where because of whatever reason, people could not update Xpenology to latest DSM because when they do it bricks their system or whatever. Like right now, if i were to try to update to 6.2.4, from the Updates posts, all i see is UNSUCCESSFUL, so i cannot update. It seems to have been like this for some time. After reading below thread i understand a little bit more about why 6.2.4 doesn't work. And having peopl
  6. At least on Baremetal, i don't see any option to safely update to 6.2.4 unless i am missing something I haven't been on Xpen long enough (still sort of newbie) to have been around for the history of Xpen and instances where we couldn't update successfully. At least for this long, seems like its been months since we could update. What do we do? Just patiently wait? Which is fine... See if someone can fix/patch? Go to another platform? Did Synology possibly do this to kill the Xpenology project? (maybe a silly question) What are the chances I wake up one morning
  7. 2x DS918+ 1.04b 2x B365M HD3 mobo, 8gb ram. 1 with/10tb and 1 with/7tb Something appears to be trying to login into both my ds918+'s from INTERNAL IP via SSH!!! But Synology is blocking it.. I've not used SSH in months, until i ran netstat 2 hours ago. Both NAS's had DDNS on them and were exposed to internet but I just removed everything, changed admin and user account login info, disabled ssh, removed port forwards and any DHCP IP reservations in router and a host of other things. You can see the issue/problem in images below.(attached) This issue is happening
  8. I thought I'd post here, not seeing a thread explaining what the deal is with the latest intermediate updates failing and so few people testing them, my curiosity got the best of me, unless i'm just missing something completely, which has been known to happen. Though not the newest member, I've been on Xpen 2 years maybe? I do have some noob-type questions since noticing the two latest updates failing, and not seeing a lot of discussion of it. In my short time here I cannot recall new updates like 25554/25556 failing so quickly, and it does concern me. But again, I'm relatively new.
  9. Hey flyride, It's been a while since I read the spec of 918+ Xpen dsm but quick question about 10gbe. I Have 2 918+ 1.04b baremetal all ssd arrays- both with pcie x1 intel nic to router. Then, I have x540-t2 in both units. Not using on board Realtek nic. I Have the x540-t2's direct connected but showing only 1 network interface in dsm for the x540-t2 cards, it's not showing both. For example I want to link aggregate and bind. I recall reading something about a max lan port limitation for Xpen 918+ but not sure,i forgot. Is this most likely cau
  10. Yes to confirm they both support sata. Tested and good. So i did end up cloning the raid drive and it seems to work. But theres a problem.... with every reboot, or even sometimes not rebooting the drive is reporting that dsm cannot access system partition. So, it allows me to click Repair, and it repairs in two seconds. I needed the samsung 840 drive so it got wiped. Yeah stupid.. Im probably going to backup elsewhere. But, i just don't get it. Can i remedy the "failed to access partition" somehow? especially since i just have to click Repair and
  11. Wow this is fantastic news, especially for people like me with 2-3 Xpen ds918's with 4-6 expty m.2 slots. Thanks again Flyride!
  12. Hey Flyride, i didnt want to open a new thread. But you know how Xpen/Synology, using NVME as storage is a pain? Does the same apply to using an M.2 Sata drive? Not nvme but sata? Can one use m.2 sata drives for storage without any extra config in Xpenology? Or is it the same idea as NVME?
  13. Apologies. Admin please delete my last post if possible this was already Answered by IG88 in post #4
  14. Thank you, both of you gentleman. Of course Flyride has to use big words like Anomalous haha j/k. Ok, im going keep it. Lastly... Hypothetically. Could i shut this server down, pull the 840 evo, clone to another Same size ssd, and the server boot back up without DSM even taking notice?
  15. Thanks for the help my dudes. I'd really like to check out cloning the drive just to see. My issue is that this 840 evo is a 500gb and my spare is Sandisk Ultra II 480gb. 840 evo has 460gb available and the Ultra II has like 440-450gb available so its close. Secondly, i have a SanDisk ssd already installed in this array but it is "unsupported", the only drive in the array thats not supported. i have to assume this Sandisk is also "unsupported" . I Guess i could See DSM getting a little mad at all this if i were to try to clone. Maybe ill start ssd shopping.?
  16. My ALL SSD RAID0 NAS Xpen DS918+ (for TV/Movies only) is giving me error after 2-3 years of solid commendable service and streaming many 50GB-100GB UHD Hevc MKV Remuxes over the years, amongst other things. It IS very fast because of Raid0, but contains nothing i cannot live without. it would only be a small pain in the ass to re-download the movies/shows I've attained here. And fyi, don't preach to me about the Raid 0, I've read it a thousand times, i don't care.. I keep my important stuff on other, Redundant DS918's the correct way. But, i need to know if i ca
  17. All i can say is try it man. I'm getting closer to purchasing a TB3 card, the asus version is $25 on amazon. My thought is these things come with their own chips, almost like they are their own entities similar to, for example, a pcie to sata AIC to get more sata ports. Right? Again i'm no tech chip genius, but it might work? report back!
  18. Great advice flyride! Haha i knew that talking about Raid 0 here might get me in trouble Literally all it contains is downloaded movies and TV shows on the Raid 0. If it failed i wouldn't care too much. If it were my other 918 with family photos and vids collection, yes i would be in tears if it failed. I back this one up via usb btw. But i guess i didnt think about the fact that if i add my imortant HDD's to my Raid 0 array, that could really screw me up. I will check out the U-NAS 810. One last question? I'm p
  19. Ok this makes sense. Sheesh, looks a little complicated for my level of skill. Here's my issue. I have two HUGE pc cases both with z390/i3-8100 both 918+ running and its taking up a lot of space and the wiring is annoying i guess. On top of that i have another big windows tower i use for downloading/editing/managing the DS918's. I cant afford to go and buy 7-10tb of SSD storage again... The reason for the all ssd 918 array is because on regular hdd spin drives my serviio bogs down sending out 50-100gb Hevc blu ray rips over my network. Its like the HDD's are too slow or
  20. So i am definitely referring to this Flyride. And thanks for the quick reply! I am in the process of copying/backing up all the data from the HDD's to a large 8tb drive on windows, then I'll format the HDD's, insert into the 918 with the SSD's. 1. I see in the link you provided it says nvme and esxi. Will this work even though i am not on ESXI (i'm on baremetal) and not using NVME? 2. And this question is simply out of curiosity: Why the Disclaimer about Not being supported by Synology? i assume most of what we do here does not exactly fill Synology with jo
  21. I have 2 918+ units 1-918 is all ssd array raid 0 for movies-need performance/speed 1-918 is all hdd array holding software and all family photos. Can I migrate 918 hdd array to the 918 ssd nas keeping the OS Only on the SSD Volume? I do not was OS on hdd, only ssd Is this possible?
  22. Этот проект по-прежнему нужно перезагружать каждый день? Или это уже починили, чтобы этого больше не было?
  23. Excellent points from both of you Legends. i'm thinking im going to return it though it was only $100 open box @flyride I have 2 port 10GBE cards in all devices already. Desktop, and both NAS DS918's My reasoning for the switch is because my upload and download speeds within LAN To NAS via WIFI are terribly slow. Even to the da918+ Raid 0 SSD unit. I thought getting a 10GBE switch would solve this or at least make it faster?? @IG-88 Ok, Lets Say i got a 4-5 port SFP+ switch. My cables/cards are RJ45 now so wouldn't i need an RJ45 to SF
  24. I'm lost on how to set up my new switch. I got netgear GS110MX 10 port switch that has 2x 10gbe rj45 ports only. my goal is to make transfers faster via wifi from laptop, hardwire desktop and at least one of my hardwired Xpen ds918+'s, preferably the one that's all ssd raid 0. Both my ds918+ Xpen have x540-t2 10gbe cards, and also a desktop with broadcom 10gbe card. My router is Google wifi. Previously I had the desktop 10gbe direct connected to the ds918s and everything else using a 1g switch. I have cat6 and cat7 cables. Also, my
  25. Can someone check out this video i made and Tell me if this is right? Or How to Fix these wild variances in speeds? Transferring 25GB file back/forth PC-NAS Speeds are ALL over the place! Problem is, every transfer starts fast, then goes up/down and all over! Hardware: Xpen DS918+ all ssd's on Raid 0 & Intel X540-T2 10GBE Direct connect to PC w/970 Pro NVME m.2 Drive & Dell Qlogic BCM57810 10GBE card Are speeds supposed to always vary like this??? Is it like this for everyone else??? START VIDEO AT 1:24 N