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  1. if it were me, i would just install 6.1 on UEFI. SInce that IS what i currently am on Beggars cant be choosey! a couple things to do before you do that: make certain that C1E and vtx are disabled. 100%! then i would boot the computer to the Boot menu (f8 for asus if i remember correct), where it gives you a few options to force boot to the source of your choosing.i.e usb force boot, and also try "reinstall" option at Jun's boot screen
  2. do you see under "hard drive BBS priorities"? make sure NOTHING is selected in that. and look at my updated post. if none of that helps change anything, then you need to go back and remake the USB drive, following directions as if you have never made an XPE boot drive before
  3. evolucja I took the initiative for you to Google "How to boot legacy mode ASRock Q1900-ITX" and found the info you need. For emphasis, i defer to Hostilians answer "Just change your Bios to Legacy not UEFI" this is correct. I've uploaded an image of your bios with the first boot option being boot from Legacy, and the second boot option booting from UEFI. You will want to select the USB "im assuming" device or ANY device for that matter, that does NOT have the "UEFI" label in it like you see in this image i've attached. In many cases nowadays, you
  4. Hey all. So I've been trying to guess the secret question to get on this forum for over a week now! Thinking I would get the answer wrong again I used something I had in my auto fill which is now my username. Mods if this is offensive I'm happy to change it with some guidance!