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  1. DSM 6.1

    If you want to install DSM 6.1, simply follow this tutorial
  2. Strange idea/question : Would it be possible

    So basically this is going to be out of the question in the future. Oh well too bad, i was hoping to get a XPEnology running on AWS EC2, but with the major Linux distro only being supported and the DSM "appliance" not being able to be ported, this is will not work. thanks anyway @IG-88
  3. Would ir be possible to install DSM (the application) in a different Linux distro, like Debian or Red Hat.
  4. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    this is a little bit true, but with the extra.lzma that you provided the hard drives where detected, but could not be formatted. This was due to the hardware raid controller (P410i) forcing to use a raid configuration. I've read up on the P410i and it turns out that other systems (FreeNAS filesystem ZFS) have had the same problems. anyway i just replaced the controller with a supported one and i'm set to go now.
  5. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    The HP Smart Array P410i force you to create a raid array/primary partition, with this you will not be able to install XPEnology. I've replaced the HP smart array 410 controller with a LSI SAS 9207-8i (SKU : LSI00302 | EAN : 0830343006892 ) with this i'm able to access my drives now.
  6. DSM6 and SAS HP410

    I've replaced the HP smart array 410 controller with a LSI SAS 9207-8i (SKU : LSI00302 | EAN : 0830343006892 ) with this i'm able to access my drives now.
  7. Which model are you running on? Because on my DL360 G7 i'm getting the following error, when I try to install/format
  8. DSM6 and SAS HP410

    this one works, both the network cards and the SAS controller are recognized. but then i get the same error as @cseb and this suggestion from @mckaycr doesn't work. next step will be trying a differen hard drive, becuase right now i'm using the original 10k SAS drives. If all else fails i'll replace the sas controller with on that support JBOD
  9. DSM6 and SAS HP410

    Hi cseb, Could you share your extra.lzma with the hpsa.ko driver? I'm in need of the same drivers for my HP DL360 G7 Thanks
  10. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    i know what I did wrong, and it's a read facepalm..... anyway i got a little bit further, it seems my logical drive (smart array P410i) is not recognized. my guess would be that the drivers are not loaded, but is should be supported: I even added Polanskiman's Extra.lzma custom ramdisk , but still no luck as it doesn't contain hpsa.ko How do I enabled these drivers.
  11. DSM 6.x.x Loader

    Hi Guys, This maybe a stupid question, but i want to try and install xpenology on a HP DL360 G7. Now i have installed Jun's loader 1.02a2 on usb and it boots from it, after the boot it says to find the machine through find.synology.com, but it's not found. What am I doing wrong? @jun would it be possible to show the IP's on the boot screen? FYI, the machine is powered on and connected to my network