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  1. I have a HP DL360 G7 and i had the same problem. in the end I ended up replacing the HP smart array 410 controller with a LSI SAS 9207-8i (SKU : LSI00302 | EAN : 0830343006892 )
  2. emkookmer

    DSM in routing mode

    Then again, maybe its posible to make a bootloader for SRM just like DSM It wouldnt surprise me that with few adjustments @jun is able to make his bootloader suitable. The pat files are also downloadable https://global.download.synology.com/download/SRM/release/1.1.5/6542/SRM_RT2600ac_6542.pat
  3. emkookmer

    Question about ssd cache

    And as far as i know for all drives
  4. emkookmer

    Question about ssd cache

    You might want to read this kb artikel from synology
  5. emkookmer

    download files?

    In the tutorials section of the forum you'll find everything you need.
  6. If that's not possible, then you can setup a reverse ssh tunnel
  7. emkookmer

    DSM 6.1.3-15152 Update 8

    HP DL360 is working with u8
  8. emkookmer

    Synology Hybrid Raid (SHR)

    @Polanskiman this should be moved to tutorials and maybe even pinned
  9. emkookmer

    Disk volume not expanding in raid 6 setup

    A small correction; I ment the DS916+ image from @jun found on his mirror Btw did you also expand the volume?
  10. emkookmer

    Disk volume not expanding in raid 6 setup

    it is because your are using RAID 6 it will look at the smallest drive in you raid setup and use that size * the amount of drives. in your case 1.82Tb * 4 (the other 2 are parity with raid 6) = ~7.28Tb. The remaining space (~5Tb) is not used. you might want to look into SHR, but your DSM doesn't support it. Perhaps you may consider switching to DS917
  11. Did you try rebooting your machine? sudo reboot
  12. emkookmer

    Looking for NAS options

    Hi Robert, You can go baremetal with xpenology, so basicly you can use any hardware as long as the drivers are present. you can search the forum for the lists of supported hardware. i'm using a HP DL360 G7 (2cpu, 8cores, 16 threads and 44Gb ram) with a LSI SAS 9207-8i (SKU : LSI00302 | EAN : 0830343006892 ) and i'v bonded all 4 network interfaces into one. and this setup works perfect. as for the filesystem, any particular reason that you want to use ZFS? (BTW there is BTRFS support)
  13. emkookmer

    DSM 6.1

    If you want to install DSM 6.1, simply follow this tutorial
  14. emkookmer

    Strange idea/question : Would it be possible

    So basically this is going to be out of the question in the future. Oh well too bad, i was hoping to get a XPEnology running on AWS EC2, but with the major Linux distro only being supported and the DSM "appliance" not being able to be ported, this is will not work. thanks anyway @IG-88