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  1. YES!!! After 2 months decryptor from bitdefender is available and it works. It will take days but i hope most of my files will be back link
  2. I checked all drives and scaned them with a lot of anti mal/virus/rootkit programs. No threat detected but 2 shared folders are encrypted/ music videos with 400 iso dvd images and tv series with around 2000 hd video files . I will have to move them to external drive and maybe one day there will be a way to decrypt them.
  3. I checked the xpenoboot pendrive on old computer / it is gandcrab v 5.1 and files got .guzenwkbt-decrypt extension. Later I will try to clean it up....
  4. It happened to me unexpectedly. I was building mini pc for my kids so they could have some simple games to play on. After installing windows and first software I found that on C drive are some modified files and on my network location some new file had showed up next to xpenology icon. Dont remember exactly what was written after I had click on it, I just remember an info that files are become crypted. I immediately turn of my pc and jump on my laptop to check what is going on. From there I went on network share/xpenology and I saw that that on my 2 drives and xpenoboot pendrive same files had appeared / after that I also shut it down. I read on the internet that my problem could cause KMSpico which really is a ransomware and somehow it spread over my home network. I scan my laptop with malwarebytes antyrootkit, antyransomware, adwcleaner and EmsisoftEmergencyKit - everything was ok. Now big question is what should I do with my nas??? Should I go on with this instruction synolocker ransomware-affecting dsm? Before I found this topic I was thinking about 2 other options. First option is to take out all drives, put empty one, install dsm and scan hdd+ xpenoboot pendrive to remove or decrypt files with f.ex Hidden Tear BruteForcer. Afterwards put next drive and scan it/ after that another and another. Second option is to take out hdds, connect it to pc and make a scan (but I dont know is it possible to do in windows because they are linux drives/ maybe with f.ex DiskInternals Linux Reader ). What do You suggest to do? I have dsm 5.2 and 8x 2-6tb drives (only couple of them have backup on external drives).
  5. I'm improving my xpenology dsm5 home server to higher-end equipment. I do not know much in virtual environment, so I am looking for advice of people experienced in this topic. My idea is to have 2 systems running on my server in the same time. One of it of course xpenology ( as a family home server 24h per day/ hd movies, music, download station, with access from outside network), second windows 10 ( less often for gaming newest dx12 games and Kodi player). Systems will be installed on 600gb 10k sas drive, but I do not know what kind of VE should I choose for them. I would like to have direct access to phisical disks (not virtual disks)/ f.ex xpenology system on sas drive but all data on sata hard drives basic volumes (I make backups on tape drives, so I don't need RAID protection) Which option would be best: - Xpenology dsm6 with Virtual Machine Manager spk for windows ( I didnt find any info does it support dx12, drivers, etc) - Win 10 with virtual xpenology - all sytems virtual - some other option
  6. Hi. After long thought of upgrading my small home server I finally made a decission to do it ( my raid controller broke down so I am in need) Soon I will move to my new house with an extra small utility room that will be used for home monitoring/ server room. I bought cheap used Dell Poweredge 2900 (which will do as server case), 16 gb ddr4 ram and xeon e5 2640 v3(second cpu and ram probably in future). Mainboard that I would like to choose for it will be one of supermicro server products- x10 drli or x10 drhc. Yesterday I got an idea that it could be pretty good to use it additionally as gaming pc/ kodi player connected to tv in living room/ after adding new graphics card it will be way more powerful than my current pc). Because it will be on 24h per day as family server and only in free time used as player/gaming pc, what type of system you suggest for it ( right now i am on xpenoboot and dsm 5.1)? Which option will be the best: win10/server with vmware for dsm ( I would like to have dirrect acces for disk files not virtual disks/ I never tried that), some linux/or other distro with both virtual systems, xpenology with xpenoboot with virtual win10 ( if it is possible), or some other option?
  7. "To improve the random read and write performance of the storage space on which it is mounted." Does it means that it will be only cache for specified hdd, that I will choose ( for example disk selected for Download Station ), or to all disks that are in the server? I am thinkin about connecting 2x 16gb ssd in raid.
  8. I will be updating my xpenology server to DSM 6.1. I found on internet some cheap (used ) small 16 gb ssd drives ( something like this Does it worth to buy them and use it as ssd cache? Is it going to speed up acces to server files, download station, etc ( I have corei5 with 4gb ram and 8 hdds as a home server)?
  9. Hi. I have not been to the forum for a long time. I am thinking about small modernization of my home server. Right now I am on xpenology 5.2 (from around 2 years) on my intel dh67cl with corei5 and 8 hard disks. I just bought new WD hdd and I would like to make a clean instalation of dsm 6 on it ( after that migrating all data from rest drives and small data cleanup). But before that I would like to know is it stable/ does someone had some bugs on dsm6? Just in case I had to waste time and go back to dsm 5.2. Regards
  10. Whaahaa It works again with old xpenoboot All disks showed up again without any errors. Maybe there are some drivers missing in new bootimage for my raid controller
  11. Doesnt work Is there a way to downgrade?
  12. Hi. Today I have updated to XPEnoboot 5.2-5644.5 and after that I made server update to newest release DSM_5.2-5644 Update-5 ( from update 3). After reboot all my shared volumes were lost. I checked which disks are visible and there is only 1 volume (2 hdds in raid) connected directly to mainboard / all other 6 hdds are connected by LSI SAS2008 sata controller. Could You please help me to make it work again ?
  13. I found some info but I have no idea how to get it work
  14. How to do that ? I didnt create any volumes by controller OS ( everything is default) / only by DSM
  15. It is IBM m1015 ( LSI SAS2008 6 Gbps RAID on Chip (ROC) controller)