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  1. I am using 1.04b synoboot downloaded by Xpenology tool ( I also tried this one with vdmdk/ I think I downloaded them from here). This is what I got (should I change the line 37 inside grub cfg?)
  2. I got ds 918 loader and vdmk (found somewher over internet) on sata 0:0. Controller is passed-through and I stil dont see all disks. I had passed the controller to Win10 pe, removed all partitions and format all drives (they are all visible on other vm systems also). When I try to pass-through to Xpenology there is only maxiumum 4 drives (one 6tb drive is out/got some errors, now I will have to use 5 drives). I can find synology over the net and install system on drives passed by controller but I can never get all drives to work (sometimes it shows 3, sometimes 1, sometimes 4....). I would lik
  3. I need all the data and synology applications on SHR all connected to pcie sata controller, just like on baremetal instalation + nvme I have connected to mainboard for cache ( I need ESXI for other systems and other devices pass-through that is way I can not go baremetal)/ I will use ds918 for that( I can optionally use virtual 16gb/ just need an option of snapshots to revert update, etc by esxi) What do I need exactly to make it run? Just synoboot +vmdk with correct serial and mac adresses in grub.cfg + one virtual sata set to 0:0? I want to use pcie sas controller with 2x4 sata cables (
  4. So I am trying to pass-trough pcie sata/sas controller( flashed into it mode). Dont know what I am doing wrong but there is no way to pass controller with 6 disks attached. Sometimes it shows 5 disks in DSM, sometimes one, sometimes 4 (depends on when I add another sata controller, scsi controller, etc). Tried with 2 controllers and 3 pcie slots on my mobo without luck. Can someone explain how it should be done (I did not think there will be so many problems with it...)
  5. I want to build new NAS that will have xpenology and extra virtual systems. I want to use Intel 8gen (with igpu), 2x nvme, 6x hdd in a SHR poool (or raid5/6)+ extra disks for backups, downloads and temporary files. First option is ESXI on nvme + xpenology VM with hba and all single disks passed-through. Second option is baremetal and synology virtual machine manager. Probably DS918 platform would be the best to have transcode and nvme cache support but is it possible to have it on ESXI? Maybe better option will be baremetal in which it should work without major problems, but is there a way to
  6. How and where it should be done? Should it be added to grub.cfg or somewhere else? My controller have 2 outputs (each for 4 sata drives).
  7. I am trying to passtrough LSI SAS controller flashed in IT mode. When I add it to Xpenology DS918 VM in Proxmox as pci device, DSM store management shows only 6 drives - 2 Xpenology drives (boot and system) and 4 hdds instead of 6 (there is space for 16 drives). Anyone know how to fix it?
  8. I have a question. How save is to keep data inside virtual Xpenology? F.ex Xpenology created in ESXI/Proxmox,etc on one drive, with other drives passed-through to it and SHR pool created by Virtual Xpenology system. If something will happen with VM, some system update will fail, drive with VM get damaged, or pool drives will be disassembled in order to connect them to newer hardware, what will happen with SHR pool? Is it going to rebuild itself or all data will be lost? Has anyone had experience with such a situation?
  9. Hi. Can You recommend some DVB T2 tuner that will work with DSM6 VM. On synology website are only usb dongles: PCTV DVB-T2 292e NanoStick and PCTV nanoStick T2. Does anyone use any other e.g. TerraTec Cinergy T2 stick micro, August T210, Hauppage WinTV Nexus or some other? Maybe pci pass-through work on some pcie tuner? Did someone tried that? I would like to split tv signal to couple rooms in home and have option to receive it on computers and tv players ( also have option to record programs on xpenology).
  10. I am thinking about building some low tdp standalone Xpenology box instead my server Xeon builds. I was thinking about buying cpu for DS918 loader and get it on hypervisor to have also extra windows system (in case of backup to LTO that probably will not be possible by XPenology). Mobo is not my main need because I will be using sas controller. I would like to get some "4k Group 1" cpu like Celeron J3455 or some similar pentium G, Xeon E3 or core i5/7 that could transcode 4k (if it will be possible on VM) and maybe some cache in future. What do You suggest to look for?
  11. As I know it is not possible to transcode videos in Xpenology as VM on ESXI. For now I have Xpenology 918 as VM to manage shr pool, downloads, audio station, etc, but I am thinking how to transcode videos by DLNA. Its good that I can play videos by build in dsm media center but I have a lot of videos that my tvs can not play. I can not get Plex spk and Jellifyn in Docker to work. What are Your suggestions to have a multimedia server that can transcode not supported videos from Xpenology and be able to play videos with srt files? Maybe some unix distro like Ubuntu VM + Docker + Jellyfin?
  12. How it should be done? I tried in esxi host/maintenance mode, I enabled it, rebooted, exit maintenance mode, add pci device to VM but after I started it, hdds didnt show up.
  13. Whats the best way to add sata drives to VM for btrfs shr pool? Normaly add them as raw drives or some other option like passthrough, etc?