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  1. Thanks for the reply! The setup has changed in the meantime. The board to be used is the X11SSL-CF now. It has 2 SAS ports which I can directly connect to the backplane (single expander). If I want to add more storage, there is an outgoing SAS connector that I can use for more storage to connect another system like this: I am looking to be able to add more bays later using this, so right now it's not important but later for sure, and 24 disks should be fine Thanks for pointing me at the thread. I'd also like if there was a Rackstation image with SAS HBA drivers in it. Anyone interested in a video showing the build?
  2. I am a huge fan of synology, however they use quite old hardware in their models and SFP+ possibility starts at fairly high prices. Therefore I plan to build my own NAS. I have two questions: - The DS3617xs usually only has 12 slots, which is fine for now. However if I need more space I plan to add a HBA and add more HDDs. Is there a software limitation? Or can I add more hard drives than there are physically on the DS3617xs? - Does XPEnology support XEON E3 v6 processors? Chassis+PSU: SuperMicro SC826BE1C-R920LPB Motherboard: SuperMicroX11SSH-F Processor: Intel Xeon E3-1275 v6 RAM: Kingston Kingston KVR21E15D8K2/16I 16GB Total Cost: approx 2000€ Any thoughts? E.g. better components, chassis, ..?
  3. Looks like I am the first one to post here I currently have a DS213+ which is full and I really need to update it, as it's not even an Intel processor in there. Requirements are: - Rackmountable - SFP+ / 10G - Enough RAM I've looked at the RS3617xs for now but I really dislike the old CPU they use and the amount of money they ask for. Additionally, I really would like to use ZFS on the NAS. That's my two cents, Robert