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  1. Not exactly same problem I had a 6.1 fresh install and default gateway kept disappearing after reboot i manually updated that file I mentioned above and now the value sticks
  2. where is .xpenoboot exactly? Which directory? I can't find it anywhere on the system. I'm having the issue where the default gateway keeps going blank after a reboot so I get zero network connectivity until I manually update the gateway each reboot. EDIT: I figured it out, I manually updated the: /etc/sysconfig/network file by adding the, rebooted and now gateway entry sticks in Network (for anyone else having a similar issue).
  3. All sorted out!! Thank you!!
  4. I'm having the exact same problem. 1.02 works, detects HD's can fully setup xpenology DSM but when I try 1.03b or 1.04b always returns "NO HARD DISK FOUND ON DS3615xs" I thought that the HD had to be preformatted somehow so it's properly detected but when I installed the 1.02b it didn't matter, it just found the hard drives connected and continued. As a side note, 1.02b shows up with a warning "this is an alpha build..." is this normal even though it clearly says "b" ?
  5. I'm reading this forum's messages but seem to keep going round and round. I just installed XPENOBOOT 5.1 running DSM 5.1 (put boot image to USB stick), downloaded 5.1 PAT file and installed DSM - easy. Then I read about DSM 6.1 (Jun's loader) but can't seem to find simple instructions on how to install. I found the 1.02a2 loader that I'm assuming needs to go to my new USB stick to boot but WHERE do I find the DSM .pat file to install the actual DSM ?? Do I need to download a modified .pat file to install DSM -OR- can I use the official ones from synolo
  6. Yes you are right. It wasn't obvious though. It's an old bios. There's a setting to make USB act like a HDD or Floppy Drive deep in the menu's which I forced it to act like a FDD and made it the first boot drive....Now it's running off the stick automatically. Question though can this xpenoboot loader be placed on one of the actual syno drives so I don't even need to have a usb stick and have it autoboot off one of the drives?? Thanks.
  7. I currently have this booting from a usb stick. Problem is, each time the NAS box boots, I have to manually hit F8, tell it to boot from USB stick, then go. This is no problem if I have a monitor and keyboard connected (as I do when I set everything up). However, I would like this NAS box to be self-sufficient - simply hit power button to turn it on and it goes straight into the xpenoboot and NAS becomes active. Q: Is there a way to get this XPENOBOOT booter to load automatically without USB since my usb requires manual intervention to get booting. Ie. can this boot loader be installe
  8. Retried a couple times.....I modified the .cfg file to simply add: mac1=00xxxxxxxx (give the real MAC of my network card) to each of the boot options xpenoboot still says eth0 not found but this time when I run syno assistant it finds the NAS. Step 1 DONE!!! Now onto figuring out how to install the DSM.
  9. Here is the information from my system: Motherboard: ASUS P5B CPU : Intel Core 2 duo cpu 6300 1.86Ghz X 2 USB : Intel 82801H Network : Realtek RTL8111/8168 PCI Express Gigabit (seems to be on the compatible list you sent) SATA : JMicron JMB363 SATA/IDE Controller As I mentioned, I do see the lights ON my network adapter where the cable plugs into the MB so I believe it's working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I will get that info. for you when I get back home - don't have it handy here. But the LAN is active in the BIOS, light is ON - this machine was working as my Linux box with NO networking issues. It is the built in Gigabit lan and it is enabled. Running Syno Assistant from my main computer on my network does NOT find it. I did NOT edit any config files for serial # and/or MAC address - not sure if this was required. One doc mentions that you do NOT need to modify the config file if you're not using synology services so I didn't bother. I will try to post more info. on my h
  11. Not sure what is going on here but I'm failing on step1. burned ISO to disc and booted up. Seems to start OK, gets to login part but just before login part I see that eth0 is not found (no network?) even though all is connected. I'm not sure if I need to edit the files before i burn them to the disc for booting. using the latest version. any help would be greatly appreciated...very new to this but would love to get up and running soon.