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  1. No data on it yet, it finished resizing about 12 hours ago
  2. I would agree but I am only seeing 5.44 which is 1.82*3 not 4
  3. Hello I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction in case I am doing something wrong. I recently found out about XPEnology when researching nas solutions and wanted to give it a try. Everything was going well until I added my 6th disk and the volume did not increase. I am running DSM 6.1.3 update 7 on baremetal (DS3617xs) and moving disks slowly over from another raid solution. Everything was going well up to disk 5 but when adding #6 the volume failed to increase. I have since run both a raid scrub and file system scrub with no luck (also tried a reboot). According to the raid calculator I should have ~8TB of available space. I've done some reading in this regard but most tutorials are back around DSM releases 3 and 4 and involve running ubantu to fix the file system but I wanted to check in before I go wondering off into unknown territory. Thanks in advance.