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  1. So tonight I decided to try and configure the virtual machine manager on top of my normal network bond. To cut the story short as soon as I enabled the virtual switch on the bond I lost connectivity even after a reboot. I then did a reinstall option during boot and chose to migrate my data, all was good with the piece but after a reboot it didn't come up and now a further reinstall isn't establishing standard DHCP networking to the unit. So i'm concerned that the migrate option may have pulled down the new 6.2.x release and borked the entire thing I've had xpenolo
  2. Just tried to restart the DSM Service which has errored as before now. The kernel log shows the following; 2017-10-18T21:06:50+01:00 Synology-NAS kernel: [ 59.133796] cgroup: docker-runc (16032) created nested cgroup for controller "blkio" which has incomplete hierarchy support. Nested cgroups may change behavior in the future. 2017-10-19T03:41:34+01:00 Synology-NAS kernel: [23729.495250] perf interrupt took too long (2502 > 5000), lowering kernel.perf_event_max_sample_rate to 50000 2017-10-19T09:51:00+01:00 Synology-NAS kernel: [45889.037217] uart write failed 2017-10-19T09:
  3. Yes, I ended up doing a re-install option when booting as a reboot didn't cure it. That got me back up and running until this morning when the same thing has happened again! I've just checked the synoscgi log and can see the invlaid ELF header messages 2017-10-18T19:46:51+0100 /usr/syno/sbin/synoscgi________________________________________________________: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/ invalid ELF header
  4. Hi I could do with some help. Device has been fine and no recent update installed, but came to the device tonight and couldn't get to the main synology page, i just got "Sorry, the page you are looking for is not found". I could still access the device via SSH and SMB so I did a reboot thinking that would cure it. No services are now starting, I can access it via SSH only. Checking the logs, no update has happened since v5 /var/log/synoupdate.log start critical update to buildnumber: 15152 original smallfixnumber: 5 new_smallfixnumber: 6 build date: 2017/10/03 /var/log/