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  1. Hi folks, Trying to get an old Shuttle mini-pc working with Xpenology. Installing synoboot 1.02, 1.03 and 1.04 was no problem, system boots but no access on the JMicron NIC. Even tried cable between the Shuttle and my laptop "cable not connected". Booting with the old harddisk on win10 brings back the NIC to live with normal internet access. Guess Xpenology is not compatible with my NIC. I read some topics on this item, but no clear solutions Any ideas for solving are welcome Cheers, Steve
  2. I've been foolish. Without thinking I updated my DSM6 to the recent version. Now the nas won't boot anymore and hangs on "booting the kernel". Too late I realised the DSM release has to be tested first on Xpenology. Tried the ds3615xs 6.1 baremetal with Jun's mod v1.02b reinstall, but didn't help What to do now?? Is all data on the drives gone?? Please your help
  3. Thanks Dfds, Thats DSM 6.0.3-8754 Update 6 on the 213. The hardware is a Dell T3400, can it be upgraded?
  4. hi Folks, Been using my Xpenolgy NAS for a while, great. The thing is, every now and than, I want to sync or backup the data from it to my old DS213. Using one of the synology backup apps doesnt work because the DSM version of my Xpenology (5.2) is older than my DS213 (6.1). Any ideas?? Thanks in advance
  5. Does anymone know where to find the xpenology files? Guess that would be at but all xpenoboot files give 404file not found errors Which PAT files do i need to install, besides the first, also all the updates after each other? Are there DSM6 files already available as DSM 5.2-5644 DS3615xs seems to be the latest? thnx in advance greetings from Noobistan
  6. Great stuff here on xpenology! Reading along on how to install, where can I find download links? The very few found in the posts are dead Please your help