HW Transcoding Loader Hardware i7 3770T

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what would be necessary to get the DS916+ image on these components running?


Intel Core i7 3770T

Asus P8H77-I Mainboard

Realtek RTL8111F NIC


I tried booting it stock, tried it with the ramdisk. Both of these methods don't work, the nas does not show up in the network. Why won't it boot? Is there any way I can get the hardware transcoding feature enabled? Are there any kernel modules available for my hardware?


Thx in adv.


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Posted (edited)

You have to install Driver extension for your network adapter. You can download the extension here. Your Mainboard and CPU should work fine. As mentioned in this post you might get problems with the DS916+ image because your CPU is 4 years older and might don't support all instructions.

Via serial Port you can check if its loading all drivers or if you getting some other errors. I'm not quite sure but i think you also need a valid serial number for hardware transcoding.

If you have installed the network extension and still can't find/boot it try the DS3615xs image.

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