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  1. Hello, what would be necessary to get the DS916+ image on these components running? Intel Core i7 3770T Asus P8H77-I Mainboard Realtek RTL8111F NIC I tried booting it stock, tried it with the ramdisk. Both of these methods don't work, the nas does not show up in the network. Why won't it boot? Is there any way I can get the hardware transcoding feature enabled? Are there any kernel modules available for my hardware? Thx in adv. Marlon
  2. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this awesome project. I got both the DS3615 and the DS3617 loader running on my test system (Fujitsu Esprimo P7935 / Core 2 Duo E8500 / 2Gigs Ram / Intel NIC). I tried to get the DS916+ image running, as I need to test the hardware transcoding ability. From my understanding, you need a compatible CPU, close to the one used in the original Syno DS916+. My current test rig (see above) doesn't seem to match the requirements. In a few days, I will receive my new NAS System with a core i7 3770T. Will this processor be able to run the DS916+ image? If not, what would I have to change? I'm quite experienced when it comes to Linux kernels and such, I am also working as a software developer, so some skills are present. Is there any other way to improve the transcoding abilities so that I can transcode 4k video files with this i7 processor? Thanks in advance for any help and keep up the great work! Greetings from Germany, Marlon