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  1. Benoire

    HW Transcoding Loader Hardware i7 3770T

    So you don't need a valid synology serial number to use plex hw transcoding if the cpu is supported?
  2. Cool, I've got a Supermicro 16 bay chassis with backplane and 2 x lsi cards. Will see how this works out!
  3. Hi I'm running DSM6.2 using the 3615xs loader with 2 LSI 9211-8i's in IT mode giving me access to the full 12 drives supported out of the box by the DSM version. Being a SAS card, we lack the enumeration of the official boxes with SAS HBAs leading to discs being shown in the wrong bays (e.g. DSM bay 7 = bay 12 physica). I'm not in need of SAS drive usage and wonder whether I can actually get proper drive bay enumeration with a SATA only card(s) that can give me a total of 12 ports. The motherboard is an X8DTL by supermicro and has only SATA2 so would rather use an addin card. Are there any SATA cards that are a) supported by the latest loaders and b) enumerate drives in the correct order they are connected? I use a spreadsheet at the moment, but it would just be easier! Thoughts or just barking up the wrong tree? Thanks, Chris
  4. Benoire

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Unless its changed, the loader is simply a way to get the DSM version running on your own hardware. The 361x versions are 12 bay devices and will always update like that unless there is something in the loader like the 918+ does to get it to 12 bays. If you expand, via the config, the bays to 16 the config will always be overwritten on an upgrade and drop back to 12 and if you have more than 12 disks it will cause array issues as it won't load all disks. I was rather hoping that instead of this constant editing of the config we could have another image based on the 16 bay devices; this could either be a 16 bay 361x vesion or the true synology ones. Yes, perhaps I'm being lazy but I also don't want to put my array at risk on updates beyond what I normally have with the loaders.
  5. Benoire

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    @jun Appreciate the hard work in this as well as your time and effort. Are you able to create versions of the loader for other units? Is the workaround similar between the 918, 15 and 17 units or is it different? If its the same, are you able to produce a loader to emulate a RackStation RS2818RP+ ? I've got a SM 16 bay chassis currently configured with only 12 bays connected and it would be pretty awesome to have access to all the bays, however I don't have the necessary skills to disect your work! Cheers Chris
  6. Benoire

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    So I took the plunge and attempted to migrate my 3615 based setup to the latest image. Copied the details from the old USB stick for PiD/VID and serial/MAC setup, created the new image and booted up. Interestingly if you're using LACP to bond ethernet together then you have to unbond at the switch to migrate as it won't do anything until then. Once its reset, you then have to apply the bond again otherwise DSM cannot be found. Only way for this not to work is if you reinstall completely in which case DSM won't have a bonded config. All appears to be working now, will see how it goes!
  7. Benoire

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    Sorry to come back to this; I'm using two SAS HBAs and not native SATA. Should I be using SataPortMap at all here and let SASIDX do something? Previously, I've used sataportmap 88 to represent both controllers having 8 ports but ideally, I'd like to try and get the drives listed in the right order with the SAS hba's if possible. Thanks!
  8. Benoire

    DSM 6.2 Loader

    @jun if using the SASIDXmAP command, will this order the disks according to their connected positions instead of which one is detected first at boot up? By this I mean, presently disk 1 may be in slot 1 of the enclosure with an LSI 9211-8i (IT) HBA but in DSM it could be disk 6... Does this fix that and I insert a disk in to slot 8, it will show it even if its the only disk?
  9. Benoire

    Progress of 6.2 loader

    Does anybody know if Jun will be looking at an upgraded loader for the DS3615xs? My cpu is too old to run the 918+ loader.
  10. Hello I've been toying around with VMM on a spare machine and have got the cluster to work by setting the NIC MAC to the real mac address, but I've hit an error where by the virtual machine will not start with the error: "Failed to power on the virtual machine " name of my VM" on the host " name of my NAS" due to insufficient RAM on the host". The test machine is a Westmere based Intel Xeon L5630 chip on a Supermicro X8DTL-iF with 8GB Ram. Virtualisation is enabled in the Bios /VT-D/V-TX) and the machine is booting fine... but trying to create any VM in VMM displays the above error. The VMs all have less than 4GB of ram assigned so its not a real ram issue. Anyone use westmere based chips with VMM? Any pointers? Thanks, Chris
  11. Benoire

    VMM cannot create cluster

    So I changed the mac addresses to the real mac of the NICs and VMM now works fine.
  12. Benoire

    VMM cannot create cluster

    Did anyone resolve this? I'm moving from esxi hosted to baremetal but would like VMM to enable local hosting of certain VMs that are integral to the safe shutdown of my homelab... I'm just playing with this and I'm getting teh same outputs; that it fails to get the first MAC. I was using a generated MAC for the four NICs, but should I use the actual MAC of the quad 1GBe network card? Do I need a corresponding serial and if so, how do you generate it based on the MAC rather than the other way around? Thanks! Chris
  13. Cool and that was the plan, I have the image setup and a spare drive, will migrate across and then that should work. The entire vSphere ESXi machine is going to be baremetal and I've run these cards in Xpenology/DSM before so should be fine.
  14. Hi I'm in the process of moving back to baremetal but I've hit a snag with reboots and shutdowns - the system won't actually do anything when requested by DSM.... Instead, I have to go through the IPMI interface to undertake the request. The motherboard was used with ESXi 6.5 up until recently and that was fine but its never had DSM on it before. Are there any issue with Supermicro X8 class motherboards and reboots/shutdowns? Thanks, Chris
  15. @sbv3000 thanks and resureccting this! I've created the USB and it running on a spare machine with a different HDD so its now at the latest level that my vDSM is. The new baremetal setup is using a quad 1GBe NIC on a supermicro motherboard, the USB grub is setup to use four NICs with MAC addresses linked to the serial. My vDSM is configured with only 1 NIC, is there going to be any issues with the current setup if I move from virtual with 1 NIC to baremetal with 4 NIC? Do I need to use the reinstall option or just let it boot up?