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  1. I have a similar issue. I have been running DS3615xs on the 1.03b loader for a couple of years. Recently I was having some issues updating DSM and some packages and ended up finding out that my usb stick had some issues. So I made a new boot usb and was able to boot fine and install the latest DSM update. However when the upgrade process restarted the machine, I encountered the same issue as described, no network. I then made another usb boot device using a fresh copy of synoboot.img (after having edited the grub.cfg with my mac/pid,uid values). When booting using the fresh image,
  2. This seems a silly problem but I wonder if anyone has any ideas? I just got LDAP working and moved my files over to my LDAP user account. I clicked the option to restore my previous state on login, thinking that would be convenient. However, while installing some packages I happened on an issue where, when you open the MariaDB package (the screen that lets you reset the database password), an alert pops up saying this user account has not been assigned proper privileges and immediately takes me back to the log in screen. My ldap user is a superadmin with all options checked to allo
  3. Popeye, might be worth starting a new topic, not sure that's relevant to my problem
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. I did a bit more troubleshooting before I saw your post. I had a spare hard drive I hadn't installed yet so I loaded windows just to test the hardware was working, and everything was working fine, so it doesn't seem to be a hardware issue. I like your suggestion to use a live usb and how to access the drives, I'll try that next. And no, literally nothing changed or was updated, I simply shut down the server and carried it downstairs, plugged it in again. But I think I was on the absolute latest DSM version... 6.2.2 something. So I don't think it's related to any updat
  5. Hey everyone.ive been happily running Xpenology for over a year now. I'm running it bare metal on an old gaming PC with 8 4tb WD red drives. I have a pcie sata adapter and a 4 port lan card as well as onboard gigabit lan. All has been working great until last night when I moved the server downstairs to be closer to the router. I'd been having trouble with the connection between my router and switch (10gbe spf+ link). When I connected everything again, my Xpenology wasn't showing up on my network. I've spent hours troubleshooting, reseating the ram, the pcie cards, check
  6. Ps, the 8port card is a dual chipset card, but i can't get the system to detect any drives on ports 5 to 8... so it doesn't seem cut and dry with the 2 cards i have tried. Good luck and keep us posted how you do
  7. I ended up returning that card and got a different one, an 8 port marvel. Maybe it was faulty but any time i plugged drives into it, the raid array would fail after a short amount of time. No data loss but scary nonetheless
  8. Hi, I'm really confused about this too. Did you make any progress figuring it out? For me, this line doesn't make sense in the docs from https://github.com/evolver56k/xpenology/blob/master/synoconfigs/Kconfig.devices config SYNO_DISK_INDEX_MAP Add boot argument DiskIdxMap to modify disk name sequence. Each two characters define the start disk index of the sata host. This argument is a hex string and is related with SataPortMap. For example, DiskIdxMap=030600 means the disk name of the first host start from sdd, the second host start from sdq, and the third host start sda.
  9. Hi again. Well, yesterday wasn't my day, but things started getting much better when the raid array finally finished its re sync. It seems like that was causing a lot of the performance issues and errors. Finished getting the last package running today. But I haven't given up! I don't know if part of the array being moved caused the issue or who knows, maybe a cable was loose but doubtful. I cleaned of a couple old wd green 1 tbs that I had in the closet. Unfortunately I'm out of sata power connectors,but I'm tracking some down so I can try out the drives. Maybe building a volume o
  10. Hi, I had a bit of a disaster today installing a new sata controller and I wonder if anyone has any advice. The short story is after installing a pci-e sata controller my volume crashed, so I moved the drives back to the onboard ports, which fixed the volume, but there seems to be some issues left behind as I'm getting all kinds of strange errors in the logs, dsm, and docker. I've written a bit more detailed description below, but I put it in quotes so you can skip to my questions if you prefer " Basically I had 6 drives connected to my 6 onboard sata ports. 4
  11. last update... file system check succeeded. running data scrubbing. at first glance i thought I'd lost all packages, but turns out they were all stopped. so after running all installed packages everything seems to be working fine. Any thoughts on what could cause the volume crash? A bit nerve racking the thought of trying again, but I don't want to give up. Maybe it would work better if I tried to return the 4 port card and got an 8 port dual Marvell card instead? such as: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/PCIe-SATA-expansion-Card-pci-express-to-sata3-0-8-ports-expansion-card-pci-e-s
  12. Well, after rebooting, volume still crashed. Followed by a tense shutdown, swap cables back to old sata ports and reboot, the volume showed as healthy, but system partition was corrupt. Ran a repair which succeded, but storage manager recommended checking the file system, which I'm running now. 304 minutes remaining. Fingers crossed, but looking like no data loss. Not sure if it's a faulty card or compatibility problem, maybe moving part of the volume, or something else. I have an old hard drive or two laying around. I'll do some more tests using drives i don't care about. But defi
  13. er... might have spoke too soon. volume just crashed. rebooting now, keep you posted.
  14. @bearcat, well, where I come from they say the small peppers are the hot ones . All installed and SUCCESS!!. and at first when I realized I couldn't disable the onboard sata in the bios I was a bit worried, but I kept the drives in the same order so I just booted and it was business as usual in DSM. Yes like you, the used / available shifted around, but I'm now running 2 drives connected to the onboard jmicron sata controller and the other 4 connected to the pci-e card. And I suppose I now have 4 available sata 3G ports, but I'm not sure if I need to do anything in the grub.cfg to use those.