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    HW Transcoding Loader Hardware i7 3770T

    @bearcat Ya, already tried that and no luck. @flyride Ok, that's unfortunate but I don't see /dev/dri so I guess you're right. Seems strange there's no way to port the driver from the DS918 img though. Anyway I don't have plex pass so I can't know for sure, but there's a lot of other people saying they got it to work on DS3615xs without plex pass.... so who knows. Not the end of the world as I'm not doing multiple streams of transcoding. Just would be nice to have.
  2. a575606

    HW Transcoding Loader Hardware i7 3770T

    I don't get it. How do you get the option to show up? I manually installed the x64 version of plex and am running DS3615xs 6.2 on Sandy Bridge. But the option doesn't show up in Plex Sever
  3. a575606


    @bearcat Can I still use synology ddns if I own an old synology nas? Or is access restricted to that particular nas model?
  4. a575606

    Serial Number / Quick Connect

    I have the same question. I'm migrating from a synology ds1512+ and wondered if I could use that serial on my xpenology ds3615+ installation to get quickconnect working?
  5. Success! I managed to figure out how to boot from the usb in non uefi mode and the 1.03b loader works now. Thanks again for your help.
  6. @flyride Thanks for the confirmation. That's what I thought... hmm. Just one more question and I'll quit bugging you guys... So I have a 1512+ synology with a 4 disk SHR array. It's running DSM 6.2.1. Ideally I'd like to migrate the disks to my new Xpenology setup as per synology's instructions (https://www.synology.com/en-us/knowledgebase/DSM/tutorial/General/How_to_migrate_between_Synology_NAS_DSM_6_0_and_later) However if I can only use the 1.02b loader, what will happen if I move the drives over that have a 6.2.1 installation on them? I don't want to lose the data on the drives and I don't have enough storage to temporarily keep the data and wipe the drives. So if I can't do migration I'd have to buy new hard drives. Thanks for all your help.
  7. @Dfds I installed the minor update no problem. What I mean is if I can't boot to the 1.03b loader, I can never update to dsm 6.2?
  8. @DfdsThanks for your advice. No matter what I tried with 1.03b, i wasn't making any progress. on 1.02b, synology assistant found it right away and I was able to install DSM 6.1.7. So does that mean I'm out of luck to upgrade to 6.2? In any case, appreciate your help. Oh, can I install minor updates? Like DSM 6.1.7 update 2 for example?
  9. @sunshine in any case, I got stuck at the same place with the 1.04b bootloader... freezes after the "happy hacking" msg and can't find using synology assistant.... So I wonder if it's something i'm doing wrong.
  10. I was hoping to have an SSD boot / OS drive and 5 drives in raid 5. Plus I'd like the option to install more if possible using an extra sata controller (my case can take 8 drives and 2 ssds) But that brings me to another question... I tried using 1.04b loader but I don't know where to get the serial number for the ds918+ image... can I use the serial number from the ds3617 ?
  11. Hi everyone, Merry Christmas. Just to follow on what quinla01 asked, I have a few questions I was hoping someone could help with. I have been using a DS1512+ for a few years and love it, but it's time to upgrade. I had the idea of using my old gaming rig as a NAS which is what led me to Xpenology. The specs are as follows: i5 2500k intel cpu 16gb ram (corsair) asus maximus gene iv / gen 3 matx motherboard using onboard intel gigabit lan (can't remember model number but it's in the bios) and onboard graphics other specs here: https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/MAXIMUS_IV_GENEZGEN3/specifications/ I tried to install using Jun's 1.03b loader and the ds3617 image, but keep getting stuck. I followed the instructions, made the bootable usb, but as soon as I get to the "Screen will stop updating shortly" message, nothing happens. I can't find the server using synology assistant, nor ssh into it, nor connect via web gui. So I can never actually install DSM on the server. What I was hoping for some help on was, first of all, how do you decide what image and loader version to use? Is it based on hardware or desired features or what? Since I'm using an older motherboard should I be using an older image? There are so many versions of bootloaders and pat files to choose from but I'm not clear how to choose, so I just picked the most recent sounding versions. Is my hardware compatible? What would cause the loader to hang on boot or for synology assistant not to find the server? Which mac address am I supposed to enter? The sever's network adapter mac address or the mac address of the pc I'm using to configure the usb stick? My motherboard has a 2 port Marvel 6gbp sata controller (sata 0-1) and a 4 port intel 3gbps sata controller (sata 2-5). What should I change "SataPortMap=??" to? I reset bios to defaults and disabled C1E... are there any other bios settings I need to change? Sorry for all the newbie questions, just would love to get this working. I installed freenas which did install correctly, but I much prefer DSM, so if there is a way to use Xpenology that would be great. Thanks!