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  1. Sorry for late reply, due to an eye-surgery. It's strange that you don't have an ".xpenoboot" folder as you upgraded from a typical "problem system" that used xpenoboot and it was "supposed" to have both the folder and that type of problem, but computers works in mysterious ways My "MediaBox" is running all OK with the same mainboard and nic as you have, I did a clean install of DSM 6.1.7-15284, later updated to Update 3, as a DS3615xs, never saw any problems like those you are seeing.
  2. Sorry for late reply, due to an eye-surgery. I'm using the internal NIC, and as can be seen by my posts here and here there is a "limit" on how far I can upgrade with it.
  3. @Next Is it the initial installation of ESXi that don't find any network? If so, your NIC is not supported (out of the box) by ESXi, you will need to find compatible drivers, or a compatible NIC.
  4. @tjohns34 That would be depending on the actual router used, as there is no "One rule to rule them all"
  5. @liniuks Cool Is that the card from AliExpress you linked to? What size is your cabinett? Seems like that card would not fit inside a Mini-ITX cabinet.
  6. Are you sure you are not using ext4 (or Btrfs)? This guide might help if you are using ext4.
  7. The BIG problem would be that your N54L is using an AMD CPU, not supported on the 918 platform. I would advice you to use Jun's loader 1.03b for the 3615 platform, with DSM 6.1.7-15284 (update 3), this will give you a stable system, and it will not let you update to the 6.2.x by mistake.
  8. Based on the filename of the bootimage, that bootimage is the specified DSM version, so you might need the assosciated .PAT file to complete the install before adding the update 6.
  9. Did you have a look at the boot image posted here ? Seems like that might be inteded to be used on the original Synology boot-device. DSM5.2-5967.U.6 (it's old, but if it works you can update). If I remember correct, the original Syno USB boot-device have a very specific VID/PID, and only a few "normal" USB sticks can be used when faking it with non-emulated Syno systems.
  10. And just for the record's: What was the correct loader for your system?
  11. I don't want to say "I told you so" so I won't Glad to hear you found the source, and hopefully you will enjoy "full speed" from now on
  12. @ilovepancakes Great, I'm glad it worked out so well
  13. @deesnow Ok, since I have lost my magic crystal-ball I will ask you a few questions, for someone to be able to help you: 1 - What version of DSM and bootloader did you upgrade from? 2 - Do you use DS3615 / 3617 / 916 / 918? Did you change this during your upgrade? 3 - What type of NIC do you have, and what driver is it using? 4 - Do you have any additional packages installed? (if so, did you install them before or after the upgrade?) 5 - next Q will follow later