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  1. JBM585 based controllers, has been used by many of the users. But, I do spot a "minor" problem ... The SATA controller is "B-Key", and the extension you link to, is "M-Key". What "Key" do you have on your mainboad? Edit: on closer look, the "minor" problem should not be a problem btw: are you using the "Oculink", and if so was it easy to get going with XPE?
  2. And can you *verify* that the IP adress is handed out to the correct mac adress (the one in your grub.cfg file) and that no other devices on your net is using that mac or IP? Are you using the real mac, or a spoofed mac in grub.cfg?
  3. What services are you running on your NAS? Have you *disabled* any UPNp services on your router ?
  4. So, if you open a browser, and point it to: http://ip.adress:5000 what happens then?
  5. From what I can see, he has been invited to join this forum, and share his knowledge. No reply, so maybe he was just trying to fake it
  6. You might want to grow up, and stop acting how you are calling others, in this case me...
  7. @omar what are you talking about? Im giving you CREDIT for pointing out something I missed, that is helpfull info for all of is that is running microservers. If that is not good enough for you, let me bow down and kiss your feets, while saying 1000'ends of appoligizes. Now, lets put this bdhind us and move on. Namaste.
  8. @omar Great catch my old and "broken" eyes missed that important point
  9. Good for you On HPE's webpage for Gen 8.1 they state: The 2017.04.0 SPP is the last production SPP to contain components for the G7 and Gen8 server platforms. So in any of the newer releases, there are no new updates for G7/8.
  10. True, just like you need to be logged in to write a post as well
  11. @Jo2021 do you really need the "russian" version? As I once wrote: The 2017.04.0 SPP is the last production SPP to contain components for the G7 and Gen8 server platforms.
  12. @MrWhite That would be 6.2.3-25426 I assume, since "no-one" has been reporting a positive install/update to the .4 If you where able to update from a fresh install of 6.2.3 any info is highly welcome (your bootloader is Jun's 1.03b, right? When those "major things" are clear, we will move on to your questions
  13. @MrWhite Just to be sure, you installed DSM 6.2.4 ? Exactely what build? Can you tell us what bootloader, and what HW emulation you choosed?
  14. @gquiring If I don't get what you are "trying to say", maybe you are not expressing yourself well. No one is trolling here (unless you are?). 1 - You state you are concerned that you can not install 6.2.4 2 - You state that you are fully aware of the issue in regards to 6.2.4 Why in the world are you concerned about not being able to install 6.2.4? is my question to you. If you for some reason *need* 6.2.4 (or "better") for now, get yourself a real Synology. Do not expect a working bootloader for 6.2.4 to surface until *after* the release of DSM7.