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  1. @liniuks I don''t know how your mainboard supports it, but my Asrock Q1900-ITX supported a Sata controller in the Mini-PCIe slot.
  2. @phinemaria I know but I was replying to jeannotmer who "hijacked" your thread, my mistake. Great to hear your system is running stable
  3. @antec Have you verified that you will be able to use the Quadro P2000 for Plex hw transcoding in XPEnology?
  4. @jeannotmer You may use a 2-port card, HP NC360T is a verified working card, and not expensive. Just make sure you get the low-profile bracket.
  5. @viktortrass I was referring to the 2. option: " Resume DSM to my ..." If that is chosen, any "open object" at log-out, will reopen on log-in. I have updates available for my system, but as in your case, they are not valid for my G7, but I do NOT have the automagicly open controlpanel, update and restore.
  6. Do you close that window, and log out and back in, and it appears again? Have a look at this setting:
  7. No issues with installing packages (unless they need a valid MAC/SN combo to work).
  8. Don't you just love it when magic happens Yes, your USB with the bootloader will have to stay "forever" in case you ever do a reboot, making sure USB has boot priority 1 in your BIOS. You might want to disable any automaticly updates from the controlpanel, and check in here and read about any updates that might be available before doing them manually.
  9. Yes, it need's the USB to boot from, as it contains the bootloader. If it never comes back online after the install, you might have installed a .pat with no drivers for your NIC. Did you install the .pat manually, or was it automaticly dowloaded from synology? Edit: seems like someone made it to work on a 790, so it should be possible.
  10. That's the spirit, go for the win Anyone (with enough money) can buy a genuine Synology, but what do "we" learn from that? Not much It might be that the 6.x bootloader made the BIOS change the C1E setting, as I think "enabled" is the default setting. And from what I recall, even from some posts in this forum, the G7 internal NIC will never work with C1E enabled. I'l keep my fingers crossed, and hope you find gold during the weekend.
  11. Don't give up, it has to work as others are using the same combination of HW and bootloader (without other drivers etc.) Did you doublecheck the C1E setting? If that is all OK, you may consider flashing the BIOS, since most of the working setups have done so. When you boot using your working DSM 5.x, you get a reserved IP, what happens if you boot DSM 6.x and try to ping that adress? If you decide to get a new add-on NIC, you should aim for a NIC that is compatible with DSM 6.2.x (or higher?) as your internal NIC will stop working if you are using"out-of-the-box" Jun's Loader v1.03b DS3615xs when you upgrade to 6.2.1 Due to the space available, you will need a NIC with a low profile bracket, some new cards sometimes come with both normal and low profile. I once made a listing in this post of some Intel based cards that should be good for 6.2 but there are others as well. Personally, I have had good experience with the HP NC360T, that may be found chep on e-bay but be sure to get the low profile bracket.
  12. @Knarf No problem (as I tend to be easily confused ) It makes sense that you'r on the DSM 5x track, since it's working. I asked about those things, just in case it was a IP conflict causing the problem, but you did exactly what I have done, so no problem in regards to that. btw: Before you go "all in" and reflash your BIOS, make sure that the C1E support is still listed as "Disabled", as my fading memory tells me that you would see that NIC problem if the setting is wrong. Quote stolen from here.
  13. Ok, I', a bit confused.... (happends all the time btw. ;-)) If you are able to SSH into your box, it IS online, yes? The above highlited text, is telling me your internal NIC, HP NC107i (based on BCM5723), is running with the correct driver. (if memory serves me right, that driver is part of the extra.lmza in Jun's bootloader). There was a problem with the original BIOS from HP, causing the NIC to not work with Server 2012 and Win 8.1, and it was fixed by a update in 2013. I'm not sure if that could be related to your problem, as I (and most others) don't use the original HP BIOS. In addition to "TheBay" as I use, there are other known working mod-BIOS'es, take a look here. Edit: Did you use DHCP (with or without fixed lease) or static IP when running DSM 5.x? Did you use the real MAC or a "fake" MAC in your grub.cfg? Edit 2: As can be seen here I have a N40L running DSM 6.2 with only the internal NIC, and a "clean" version of Jun's bootloader.
  14. @Knarf I'n not sure what BIOS version you have, and I'm currently unable to reboot any of my microservers to find the place wher it should be, but if you look at the screenpic posted here from a N36L you might find the setting in your BIOS? If you want to use more than 4 disk's in your NAS, you must upgrade to a modified BIOS, in "all" the G7 boxes I have configured, I have been using a BIOS from "TheBay" and in that BIOS, there is a option to disable the C1E.
  15. @Knarf Try this: You might expect a minor "problem" after the update, as someone describe here the sollution to that problem, you will find here.