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  1. @asheenlevrai Just a quick thought is the DS1812+ a victim of the Intel C2000 chip failure? If so, it might be fixed with an added resistor. To answer some of your Qs: Yes, you should be able to move your drives, and do a "migration" to the selected XPEnology version. Some of your apps *might* need to be reinstalled, but your data will be intact. Just like on a real Syno, DSM will be installed on all drives, the USB is *just* used for the boot-process.
  2. This is when you press the "Max" button? Are you able to write a different size in the box?
  3. @Parisi As mentioned by others, some more info can help others to help you. 1 - What vnic are you using? 2 - Did you configure the mac adress in grub.cfg as the same mac adress in your VM?
  4. bearcat

    Dsm 7

    @Mburns You wait ... it has to be released, and you will need a real Synology, or a new bootloader.
  5. Sí, necesita un BIOS modificado que habilite AHCI (deshabilite IDE) en el último puerto SATA (traducción de Google)
  6. Not sure what other options you "lost", and if they really matters. But as long as it works now, you should be "home safe"
  7. @aniel Some more info on what loader, DSM version and your hardware would help us to help you
  8. In the BIOS I use, (TheBay) it is a subsection of the "Chipset" menu.
  9. Are your pic's showing the SSD you have problems with? As I said, it is running in IDE mode, your DSM will only support AHCI drives. Not sure what BIOS you are running, but in the one I use (TheBay), to enable AHCI on all ports, you need to go to Southbridge Config, SATA 4/5 and disable sata 4/5 IDE mode.
  10. If you use the original HP BIOS, this port is defined as IDE (ODD usage), and DSM do not support it. To use this (and the eSata) port, you need to use a hacked BIOS, enabling AHCI on all 6 ports, letting DSM use all of them.
  11. Update: I first verified the problem, booting from a ElementaryOS USB stick, it linked up at 100Mb, but I could "force" it to 1Gb. Looked in my cabinet, and found a small managed switch, planned to config it to use 1Gb/Fdx/no autonegotiaton. But as soon as I plugged in the cable, 1Gb link LED was on, and I verified it in DSM controlpanel. So, the other switch (unmanaged Cisco) was not playing ball with my N36L, but both a N40L and a N54L was having no problem with it on any of the ports. Verified with reflashing the latest original BIOS on the N36L, same problem. Ret
  12. You know what, I overlooked that "minor" detail. Thanks I have seen some people trying to force 1G with ethtool, but just like them, it crashes out my system...and I must do a power off/on.
  13. After playing around with iSCSI on an old server I "found" around, doing a clean install with Jun's 1.03b and DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 2, I noticed the filetransfers was too slow. And sure enough, the nic was only getting 100Mb/s, and not the 1Gb/s it is supporting. Tried all the "usual stuff", replacing the cable and using a different port on the switch it is connected to, even swapped both cabel and port with a known working setup. The problem stayed with this N36L, and the other (N40L) works great at 1Gb/s with the cable and port I started with.
  14. @DaWorm 1 - Are you running a HP N40L (or other G7 microserver)? 2 - Did you update to DSM 6.x from DSM 5.x? 3 - If No, make a new thread and fill in all the details. 4 - if Yes on 2: sudo rm -r .xpenoboot