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  1. @a575606 You know what they say, it's not the size of your gear that counts, but how you use it 🤣 Looking forward to an update on how it works out for you 👍 and the name of the card and chipset.
  2. @a575606 I don't think you got the same as me, as I only got a 2 port card. I was getting the Delock 95260, a Mini PCIe half size card, using the Asmedia ASM1061 chipset, supporting 6Gb/s on the SATA ports, but limited to 5Gb/s on the PCI Express. It fits well in the free slot on my Asrock Q1900-ITX, leaving the fullsize PCIe-slot free for a 10Gb NIC or something els if I find a need for it :-)
  3. bearcat

    Unifi Controller for DSM

    FYI: it seems like the 3617 in general has some problems that you never see with 3615, especially when it comes to DSM 6.2.x
  4. btw: this thread might need to be moved to the DSM Post-Installation Custom Built section?
  5. @a575606 : My "microscopic" new SATA controller arrived yesterday, and today I had some spare time to do a test. As the picture will tell, it all went well (with my setup). The first pic show how it was originally, Nr 2 show what happened after I installed the new controller while keeping the original enabled, and used as before. In nr 3 I have moved 1 of my drives, that is in a RAID-0 config to the new controller, keeping the other where it was. And finally, in nr 4 I moved the other drive to the new controller. As you see, the "only" difference between the pic's are the position of used/free slots. Notice: my drives are configured in a Storage Pool as RAID-0, ext4.
  6. As stated ... it might be easy or it might be hard but I think it will be all OK with your config. Just make sure you disable the onboard ports before adding the HDD's (in the same order) on the new controller. But as always, make sure your backup files are up-to-date before doing any big changes btw: since I have not tried to do "this thing" myself, I ordered a small controller do try it out in person will be here tomorrow
  7. bearcat

    N54L - upgrade from DSM 6.1.7 to 6.2.1?

    Did you at any chance disable your internal NIC, or modify your grub.cfg during your attempt to update?
  8. bearcat

    N54L - upgrade from DSM 6.1.7 to 6.2.1?

    @Olegin : 1.04b / 918 won't work on the HP N54L Microserver G7, and he already tried an Intel NIC (but I'm guessing it was broken..)
  9. @codedmind You might do a test, and install Kodi on any computer you have, and compare how it behaves there. May I ask what other VM's you are running on your host, and how much RAM/what CPU it have?
  10. @codedmind Then, I would blame your mi box for the freezes, as it has nothing to do with your NAS. (or Any library update will make your client scan files on the NAS and update it's local database, scraping for meta data etc. Configure Kodi to only update library when idle. btw: do you access the shares from Kodi using SMB or NFS? (NFS would be the better choice IMHO)
  11. @codedmind Is your kodi client running inside the same VM as your NAS, or is it a separate client (if so, what is it)?
  12. 1 - no problem adding a NIC as long as it is supported by the drives found in the loader, no need to disable the current, or to edit the MAC, but read on... What might happen is: your current NIC, named LAN-1 in DSM, and eth0 in linux is "presenting itself" with the MAC1=... in grub.cfg, when adding another nic, that might be seen as eth0 by linux, and the specified MAC1 will be applied to that nic, if that is the real MAC of your first nic, you will end up with 2 nic's with the same MAC (and possible IP if using DHCP) causing some confusion (been there, done that). So if you want to keep all 3 lan ports running, you better edit the grub.cfg, adding all 3 MAC addresses. 2 - sata controller, depending on how your current drive-layout is, in regards to RAID level, Drive group etc. it might be easy or hard
  13. @yulyo Do you remember what IP range you used before the move? 192.168.x.y / 10.a.b.c ? What IP range / address are you currently getting on your computer now ? Have you tried using the Synology Assistent? If you remember the old IP range, manually set your computer to be in the same IP range, connect it directly to your NAS and try the Syno Assistent or go directly to the old static IP of your NAS.
  14. bearcat

    DSM 6.2.1 U4 - Loader 1.04b - 918+ CPU Temp

    Make that 2 I have the same SW/HW setup and the same temp.
  15. bearcat

    Fujitsu futro s700

    What make/model is your NIC (lan card) ?