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  1. Did your old running config have any updates installed after first time setup? That could explain the message you got. What bootloader do you use?
  2. 1 - Do you have Plex pass? 2 - What GPU do you have?
  3. Is that "DSM 6.1.4-15217 Update 1" the one you placed on your new USB? What was your old running config using?
  4. @zzgus As long as you don't "expose" it to internet, by manually open ports, or trusting UPpN on your router, there should not be a direct way "in". That beeing said, your connected computer, with the current user rights, have access to your NAS and your files... Stay safe, and use normal common sense, do not click on "funky" stuff ransomware might encrypt the files on your fileshares...
  5. Just out of curiosity, if one of your HBA's have 64 SAS ports, why do you use any of the others? btw: are they all in IT-mode?
  6. @Riis : No problem, just stop by my house tonight and pick it up But seriously, why would you use a Unifi XG for this project? What driver do you need for the NIC's and storage?
  7. @MichaelMEIB : Have you found your sollution yet? In Win 10, you may map a network drive just make sure you have a user/password with read/write acces to the share.
  8. @merve04 So, how is it going, are your new volumes expanded. and in use yet?
  9. @pasdum: 1. SSH into your NAS 2. Log On with your Admin/Root Account or User Account 3. If User Account then type sudo -i and enter the Admin/Root Password 4. Type ls -la / 5. You should see a folder called .xpenoboot 6. sudo rm -rf /.xpenoboot 7. Type ls -la / to check it is removed 8. Reboot your NAS by typing reboot
  10. bearcat

    Over Heating

    @restecp Sounds like you should have it all under "control", based on what you say. if you can touch the cooler and it feels ok, that could indicate either a bad sensor, or bad thermal connection to the CPU. Have you used this mainboard and CPU for other things before?
  11. @ooooooh : Why do you want to update You will need: 1 - A new, compatible, nic (Intel is a sure winner, if you pick the correct one) or 2 - Compatible drivers for your current, unspecified, nic. Realtek have many versions, some of them have new drivers available.
  12. @zomikron In the boot sequence, use USB as primary boot device, and do NOT remove your USB stick, it has your bootloader
  13. I just noticed you are running a VM, can you specify? The update procedure you tried to use, is that because of your VM, or just because you used it in older DSM systems (4.x / 5.y)? Did you already try to update your current system using the control-panel and failed? If not, make a snapshot, then try you can always go back