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  1. yes it got the right MAC and IP match the mac from grub.cfg
  2. page dont load... but i can use cmd to ping the ip address and get a response
  3. i try that... i try like all the dsm 6 from here
  4. I can also ping the ip address. I have tried just about every boot loader that runs on DSM6
  5. hey which loader did you use..?
  6. if have try many differnt loaders... most recent DS3617xs_DSM6.1_JunsMod_V1.02b_MBR_Genesys my bios is set to legacy also
  7. can anyone help mr plz.. i have a hp pavilion 595 intel core i7-8700 16gb of RAM i think i try just about everything... i edit my VID PID & MAC.. system shows up on my router list and gets a ip address but i cant get it or with the assistant... can any one help me plz... thank you